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OSU FootballA real quick check-in post so we don’t fall completely off the radar.

As we hear the reports coming out of spring camp, I got to wondering how was going to be the poster boy of the 2009 Buckeyes. It’s no secret that a certain Mountain of a Man was our man-crush for 2007 and a particular Stiff Arm was the face (hand? arm?) of the Buckeyes of 2008. So who will it be this year?

I present two candidates. The first was an emerging beast of a man last year, one Thaddeus Maximus. He’s already on people’s radar with lines like “Destroy everything moving” and “You just have to know when to be aggressive”.


The other nominee, via The Silver Bullet, is incoming freshman Dominic Clarke who, as Drew says, certainly passes the “Look Test”.

Dominic Clarke

So who is your nomination for the 2009 MotSaG man-crush Face of the Buckeyes?


  1. scottbaez says

    Uhhh . . . maybe Terrelle Pryor? Just a suggestion.

  2. Dan Isaacs says

    Thadeus Maximus. Of this, there is no doubt.

  3. @scott – of course, Terrelle will be the face of Ohio State Football for 2009. We’re looking for someone to be not only the face of the team, but the MotSaG face of Ohio State Football.

    @Dan – Currently, all signs are pointing to our Holy Buckeyean Emperor Thaddeus.

  4. I voting for Clarke. Aside from the fact that I’m some old 58 year old white fart, DC and I are both 5’11, 180. Those two measurables are all we have in common. He runs the 40 faster than it takes me to get out of bed in the morning..

  5. i vote for maximus. i like players with the seek and destroy mentality.

    plus, he could be the next gun show.

  6. @Ken – those guns look out of proportion on DC. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

    @Dave – Maximus looks like he’ll need some work in the weight room to compete with Mount Vernon, but who knows. I think he’s going to be nastier than Vernon was.

  7. I vote for Nathan Williams (even though he wasn’t a choice)……he came on strong at the end of last year and he has put on some weight and will be DESTROYING QB’s this year!

  8. I think Nathan could be a solid choice. I’d like to see some Nathan/Thaddeus sandwiches.


  1. […] thankyouverymuch) but we’ve really needed a new gun show. We even asked the question, “Who’s the next Vernon?” Then I read Tim May’s article about Simon’s devotion to the weightroom with the […]

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