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Desperate in Southen Cal?

Interesting. Very interesting.

What’s that, Seantrel? Will we be playing a game in January? Why yes, yes we will. Maybe even in Pasadena. Care to join us?

Duron Carter no longer a Buckeye (for now?)

Receiver Duron Carter will not play for Ohio State this fall. He has enrolled at Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College, Coffeyville coach Darian Dulin said this morning.

Source: The Dispatch (via SYR)

(Before this broke, Carter mentioned on Twitter he was going to “fix everything and be back!” We’ll see)

Update: The bad news keeps coming: Keith Wells has left the team and Roderick Smith has not shown up for summer quarter.

Keep in mind that today is the first day of Summer Quarter and news like this has hit because of it.

I feel like a heel saying this, but Wells’ exit will probably go largely unnoticed. Smith’s absence is troublesome, but he still has time to right his ship and be ready to join the team in the fall. Best wishes to Carter and Wells and we’ll see what happens with Rod Smith.


You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Jamel Turner Shot (again)

Because I mostly ignore the internet on Saturdays (unless I’m playing Modern Warfare 2), I didn’t hear about Jamel Turner being shot until late last night when I had been messaged by a friend on Facebook that he had been shot and was in pretty bad shape. It is never good news to hear something like this, even less when it’s someone in the extended family.

Luckily, Jamel has pulled through the night and is now in stable condition. Happy thoughts, prayers and positive energy all are sent his way.

Spankings all around

This is June, right? Can this many exciting things really be happening in the world of College Football (capitalized for respect, son)?

We have something cooking for the Big Ten expansion (hopefully!) forthcoming, but in the meantime, per Bruce Feldman at ESPN, the NCAA is about to get medieval on USC:

Wonder how that two year post season ban is going to sit with Seantrel Henderson.

Mac-soli is a goner

University of Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has been dismissed from the school’s football program for a failure to adhere to obligations previously outlined by head football coach Chip Kelly.

Such a shame. (via Dr. Saturday)

The Rich get Richer

Recruiting is not our shtick around here, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be found watching high school highlight films of future and former recruits on YouTube on a given Wednesday afternoon. We have what you might call a vested interest. We also know just enough to be dangerous but not enough to look like we knew what we’re talking about.

But anyway, recruiting. After OSU missed out on, among other recruits, Seantrel Henderson (not an Ohio boy) and Jordan Hicks (an Ohio Boy), Tressel’s recruiting prowess and stranglehold on the state was being questioned. Was he slipping? What did USC or Texas have that Ohio State didn’t (besides beautiful weather and pretty girls)? Was this a sign of things to come?

Well, that trend looks to be reversing itself. Ohio State has been adding commitments at a solid pace this year for 2011 and it looks as though Tressel will be adding the gem of the class, Braxton Miller (h/t to Josh at the OSJ). Braxton will be announcing his collegiate destination tomorrow and all signs point to OSU over Florida and Urban Meyer.

Boom. Roasted.

Moeller’s Attacker to Pay


The 28-year-old Decker will be sentenced in August. He will pay $11,000 in restitution for Moeller’s medical bills.

That’s a start, but clearly jail time should also in the works. Even still, I don’t think jail time will be sufficient punishment to satisfy the demands of the Stiff Arm of Justice. So let’s come up with alternative punishments that Mr. Decker has to suffer in order to atone for his attack of Tyler Moeller.

I’ll start: he gets to be Cameron Heyward’s personal tackling dummy.

(PS: Miss us? We’re baaaaack)