Desperate in Southen Cal?

Interesting. Very interesting.

What’s that, Seantrel? Will we be playing a game in January? Why yes, yes we will. Maybe even in Pasadena. Care to join us?


  1. We did save a scholly for him and had a few more open up this week lol. I am not sure I want him …… errrrr of coarse I do he is a great prospect and would be awesome but if he doesnt come I will continue to make fun of him and say how horrible he is lol

  2. I thought his 2nd choice after USC was Miami anyways?

  3. @SYR – Of course, if he becomes a Buckeye then he will be a man among men, lover of women and winner above all. If he stays or goes elsewhere, he’ll be a giant bust.

    @Coqui – yeah, the reports were that OSU had moved to third on his list. Obviously his best option would be to come to Columbus, but it’s obvious he doesn’t have the smartest group of people telling him what to do, so who knows what will happen.

  4. This just continues to show what bullshit the signed LOI is. The students can’t get out of it and play somewhere else, even if the school they signed with is under major sanctions, but there’s absolutely nothing saying the school has to honor it.

  5. ESPN reports that USC has let Henderson out of his LOI.

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