Moeller’s Attacker to Pay


The 28-year-old Decker will be sentenced in August. He will pay $11,000 in restitution for Moeller’s medical bills.

That’s a start, but clearly jail time should also in the works. Even still, I don’t think jail time will be sufficient punishment to satisfy the demands of the Stiff Arm of Justice. So let’s come up with alternative punishments that Mr. Decker has to suffer in order to atone for his attack of Tyler Moeller.

I’ll start: he gets to be Cameron Heyward’s personal tackling dummy.

(PS: Miss us? We’re baaaaack)


  1. Good of you to return, it must be getting close to football season. Welcome back.

  2. And pay he shall…..

    Welcome back, MotSaG!!!!

  3. I say if the Moeller family can forgive the guy so shall I.

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