Taking Socialization to the Next Level

We’ve extolled the virtues of Twittering a lot around these parts, pimping our new Twittering Buckeyes page and our own Twitter feeds for a while now, but I’ve added to new way to socialize with the MotSaG community. It’s all about the Social.

The first and most obvious is Facebook. I use Facebook fairly regularly, but I reserve it for people (with a couple exceptions) that I actually have some kind of relationship with. This includes family, close friends and co-workers. Basically, people I’ve shared air with at one time or another. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to interact with other people on Facebook, especially fellow Buckeye fans. In order to facilitate that interaction, I’ve set up a Men of the Scarlet and Gray Fan page. Become a fan today! For now, I just have the site feed hooked up to the Facebook page but in the future I hope to do a little more with the fan page.

I also have a widget for the Google Friend connect that lets me see what kind of readership we have. It also puts a name with a face, which I appreciate (although you might not).

So get social with us!

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