Set the table for Threes

Going in to today’s game, I was nervous about Georgia Tech’s size. I love Dallas Lauderdale like everyone else (what a monster he was against UCSB, no?) but he isn’t what you might call a pure player. Kyle Madsen isn’t pushing anyone around either, bless his little Dublin heart, so I was nervous what Favors and Lawal were going to have free reign to do.

But, that being said, Evan Turner still wears the Scarlet and Gray (and white), so the Buckeyes are in any close game. Even when the opposing players should have been arrested for assault (see: UCSB) we have a chance.

For 22+ minutes, this game was close. Georgia Tech’s full court pressure was frustrating and the cold shooting in the first half was hard to watch. Going in ahead by two at the half was promising, but it wasn’t until Diebler got free and the pressure was letting up that Ohio State took control. There were a couple moments there when it looked like it might slip away, but the Buckeyes stayed the course while Georgia Tech was getting visibly frustrated (they were the better team, after all).

In the end, Ohio State’s transition game, their accuracy from behind the three point line and, ultimately, their poise down the stretch turned this game around. They may have been out-sized (obviously) and out-talented (very debatable) but the better team won. Sweet, sweet victory. (Oh, and beating the progeny of a former Wolverine makes it that much sweeter.)

So now on to the Sweet Sixteen. Thanks to Northern Iowa’s giant brass cojones, we may have an outside chance of reaching the Final Four. But let’s beat Tennessee and Bruce Pearl’s horrible suits first.

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