Kellen Winslow, Jr. Plays Basketball at Georgia Tech

Who knew?

Elbows on knees, a scowling Iman Shumpert bent forward in his chair. Someone asked if Ohio State was better than Georgia Tech. “Not at all,” Shumpert said.

So: Was Tech better than Ohio State? Said Shumpert, almost spitting the words: “A lot better.”

Man, these sour grapes are SOUR


  1. Oops. I thought that was a Mike Hart quote. My bad!

  2. @Jaxson – Mike Hart is too short to play basketball, silly!

  3. Yeah, but is Shumpert a “warrior”? We all know that KWjr was; or so he claimed..

    • @Ken – excellent question. I’m guessing the way he hacked and bothered ET that he was at least familiar with some forms of hand-to-hand combat.


  1. […] but the Buckeyes stayed the course while Georgia Tech was getting visibly frustrated (they were the better team, after […]

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