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FootballBlog/site newsHey, it’s Rose Bowl Eve! And we haven’t blogged anything in over a week. Is anyone surprised by that? This blogging thing is hard! We’ve been doing it for over three years, you think we would have figured that out. Has anything happened while we were gone? I’ve been distracted. New Super Mario Bros Wii is really addicting.

But now were back, ready for some real football to start.

And real quick, I’m not a huge fan of the transitive “Team A beat Team B, who beat Team C so Team A is better than Team C” way of thinking, but both Arizona and Oregon State played Oregon tough and both teams laid absolute turd burgers (Arizona more so than OreSt) in their bowl games. I’m just sayin’.


  1. Yeah I follow the logic, but I think it’s hard to judge bowl games because so many times we see big schools play smaller schools in a meaningless bowl and the big school appears to not give a sh**. So, I wouldn’t take too much from it.

    You can also look at it as USC beat us in Columbus, then got absolutely demolished by every other team with talent they played, so we could be in for yet another rude awakening.

  2. @Rogers – no doubt, basing opinions on one performance is a non-starter. I think OSU improved after the USC game but that still doesn’t change the fact that we lost.

    I still struggle with the meme that some schools don’t care about their bowl games. Most of these kids are top-tier athletes that don’t like to lose. I think it’s easy to dismiss their performances as apathy but I don’t think that tells the whole story.

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