Week #12 Open Thread and Live In-Game Chat

The Day is HERE! Most people are calling for a close one. All of those people are crazy (or stupid — you decide).

You have a couple more hours to get your score predictions in to win a copy of Rivalries: The History of Michigan vs. Ohio State. Throw in your two cents on the poll, as well.

Join in the in-game chat (starting around 11:30 AM) after the jump.

Can I just say how enjoyable it was to see LSU totally blow it at the end of their comeback try against Ole Miss? How can you not have your kicking team ready? SERIOUSLY. They probably didn’t have time to get the snap off either way, but man. That was a turd of turdic proportions.

So now LSU has no victories over a ranked team. Are we going to pretend they’re still a top 15 team?

Back to enjoying the Oregon/Arizona game. Scouting. Watching…


  1. I hope the Buckeyes don’t play like there’s nothing to play for. Could be a dangerous game if they aren’t motivated.

  2. I know it sounds fishy, as the game is nearly over, but I’m at work where any attempts to see the score have been blocked. I was hoping to see a score update on your blog, why I checked. Anyway, my prediction:
    OSU 42, Michigan 10

  3. @Steve – credit the coaches for getting them up for the game. The defense played possessed today. As much as it pains me to say it, Michigan was in the game for the better part of 3 quarters.

    @Larry – sorry we weren’t able to get you score updates. I was too busy watching OSU pants the U of M.

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