Week #12: Michigan Preview and Open Thread

OSU FootballPreviewing the OSU Michigan game should be seen as a privilege to the blogging community on both sides of the border. I know that I am normally a sarcastic bastard that seems to revel in the sports misery and unabashed stereotypes for our regional sometimes national foes (jorts, corn dogs, and more jorts), but this week is just a little different.

A couple of things about this week’s game…

It doesn’t matter if UM has not met expectations this season.

It doesn’t matter that OSU has already clinched a share of the Big Ten title.

It doesn’t matter that OSU is already going to the Rose Bowl.

It doesn’t matter that UM is in the crosshairs of the NCAA for potential rule violations

It doesn’t matter OSU has earned another BCS bid, which is scrutinized by other conference’s fans and media

It doesn’t matter that there is speculation over RichRod’s future employment

The above are all talking points for media types.

We are not media types.

We cant be media types, because we care about this game for real reasons. Reasons that are ingrained in us from the day we first experienced this “game” in our youth.

We don’t care how compelling it is to the people watching it across the country. Even those that have strayed from the blogger path and pretend they are media types for posterity, yet hide behind the “blogger” badge when convenient. (Hint: Kittens…and an Otter..Really?)

This week we don’t give a flying f*ck about other bloggers and message board heroes making claims that the Big Ten is not “staying with the times”

I said “We” and I mean it. Michigan and Ohio State fans are not that different from one another. We all have the same problems. We originate from states that have been detrimentally affected by a massive economic downturn. We are in this together. It is the single day of the year (outside of your standard holidays) that we can regress to our youth and just enjoy the day without worrying about the everyday problems that plague us. Just sit there and enjoy a football game.

Yes, we will enjoy this game…it is our rite of passage every November.

It is our game…and it always will be.


If you don’t like the game, don’t watch it fricken’ watch it anyways. Btw..A brief message from all Michigan and Ohio State fans to those complaining about the marketability and level of intrigue in tomorrow’s game…

“Suck it”

An Actual Preview of Sorts…

Oh yeah…I almost for got about the actual game tomorrow. Let’s talk O’s and X’s …or something to that effect…this wont be your typical preview. If you are looking for that visit any of the other awesome Buckeye sites like…here, here, and definitely hereand a brief history lesson over the last 8 years..

When Michigan has the ball….

Michigan’s offensive capability in this game will be predicated upon the amount of pressure Tate Forcier can handle. There is no doubt that OSU is going to get pressure on the freshman QB. He is a good player that has begun to turn the corner in his development and handling the rigors of the Big10. If he can continue his success of the last two games, the Wolverine’s chances of success are multiplied exponentially Saturday. The depth within the Michigan running game has been basically depleted with its best running back (Minor) watching tomorrow’s game from the sidelines (most likely…adrenaline can only cure so much Tress), as well as many other smaller injuries that have taken a toll on the backfield players. The offensive line is very sieve-ish this year, which has been somewhat masked by Forcier’s ability to move around the pocket by design and through his ability to successfully run for his life (most of the time). On paper, the OSU D-Line versus the UM O-Line should be the biggest mismatch on the field in the game. OSU’s defensive line has been exceptional this year in all of its games and this game should be no different unless RichRod can come up with a scheme or wrinkle that just reeks of awesome and will keep OSU off-balance. However, with the personnel available on the UM sideline, I am just not seeing a lot of offensive success for the Wolverines tomorrow.

When Ohio State has the ball…

The big question this week. Does Tressel take the governor off of the OSU offense or do we see another display of TP handing off to running backs the entire day like in the second half of the Iowa game?

There hasn’t been a OSU-Michigan game where Tressel hasn’t pulled out something special that has been saved up all year (ie The Effing Wheel Route, Marcel Frost, etc). General feeling for this year’s game is that it wont matter. For all of the criticism that has been thrown towards the OSU offensive line, they have been very productive the last couple of weeks and it also looks like all of the linemen are actually available to play. The UM Defensive line is basically overmatched in this game with the exception of Graham who will most likely get double-teamed the entire game. No doubt Tress and the staff will want the other players on the defense to beat them. With an overload on Graham’s side of the line, the Buckeyes will definitely look to expose the weak side of the line and continue to put the same type of rushing numbers seen against Penn State and Iowa (who have considerably better D-lines)

TP has gotten better each week and seems to play a lot better on the road than he has at home. He tends to keep the game simple and will tuck it away to get yards when they are there. That is all that we can ask from the sophomore. Michigan’s secondary will only get one sentence in this preview, because they are awful.

Intangibles…gotta have them…

We know Tate Forcier went to the New Moon midnight premiere last night. He bought his “Team Jacob” t-shirt. Of course, he was riding solo. Shit son..that is how T-Force ‘Rollz.’ Will this affect Tate’s play? Hard to tell…

Conversely, the Boren brothers have been watching Sniper, Weekend at Bernie’s, and Roadhouse on a continuous loop.

Who would you rather go into battle with on Saturday? Duh…

**Author note..I went to the premiere as well (involuntarily of course)…and feel like less of a man today

The law of averages doesnt really bode well for Ohio State right now, but I just cant bet against Tressel in this game. This game is what defines him as Ohio State’s coach.

There are a lot bad things going on up in Ann Arbor right now from “practice-gate” to eroding family values to just plain terrible football, which a lot of the followers and deep pocket boosters cant be happy with this year.



This game could be played in Columbus with the same squads and I just dont care…I would still be nervous about the game. I spent my years at OSU in the 1990s and how many times did an OSU team lose to UM when they weren’t supposed to…F….M…L

However, I dont believe that this team will take UM lightly and TP will have a surprisingly effective day throwing and running the ball against an overmatched UM Defense. If Tate Forcier makes it through this game without getting concussed or damaged, I would actually be very surprised

The Ohio State University 38 – The University of Michigan 13

el Kaiser’s Prediction
I’m calling for shutout #5* (I will, to my grave, count the Penn State game as a defensive shutout)

OSU: 31 UM: 0

Super Fantastic MotSaG Contest Time!!!

The person with the closest prediction of the final score of the Ohio State/Michigan game will win a copy of Rivalries: The History of Michigan vs. Ohio State (link opens iTunes) from the iTunes


Music Store. (Yes, you’ll actually have to

predict a final score, not just ROSES/NO ROSES)

Released in 2004, Rivalries: The History of Michigan vs. Ohio State is a must-view documentary for Ohio State fans. It’s a fairly balanced look at the rivalry through the years. Former players, coaches and journalists all discuss the greatest rivalry in college sports. If you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to watch it. Over and over again.

Please note: this contest is available only to U.S. residents. It is not necessary, but helpful, if you already have an iTunes account, otherwise you’ll have to make one to redeem your prize.


  1. The final score of the OSU/Iowa game will be 27-24. I win.

    OK, so assuming you want the score of The Game, I’ll say 34-17. (Bucks….duh)

  2. We’ll go with the Buckeyes on this one (hahahahaha, duh), 52-0. Tressel goes for two somewhere late in the third quarter because he’s not allowed to score 3 more points.

  3. OSU 28 – 13.

  4. 31-17 OSU over the Hun. Tate Forcier continues to trun the ball over and the d scores at least once. how disappointing that U of M have fallen so far that game day is in friggin tucson

  5. I’ll take 23-17.

  6. Look at me, I am a horrible contest holder. I set up the contest to win a code for the OSU/Michigan Rivalry documentary, and then never came back to declare a winner.

    So DaveM, all apologies, but your prediction came the closest and is the winner! We’ll be in touch shortly.


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