2009 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #6 (draft)

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida 1
3 Texas 1
4 Virginia Tech 6
5 Iowa
6 Boise State
7 Southern Cal
8 Ohio State
9 Cincinnati
10 TCU 1
11 Penn State 1
12 Oregon 1
13 LSU 9
14 Miami (Florida)
15 Brigham Young 1
16 Auburn 4
17 Nebraska 2
18 Georgia Tech 5
19 Kansas 2
20 Oklahoma State 5
21 Oklahoma
22 South Carolina
23 South Florida 1
24 Michigan
25 West Virginia
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Missouri (#18), Mississippi (#21), Wisconsin (#22), Georgia (#25).

It’s been a crazy day at the homestead, so no time right now for explanation. Leave your thoughts in the comments and we’ll discuss when things calm down around here.


  1. Ranking are silly, LSU should be #4 after that game. They’d put 20+ points on any IOWA, OSU or PSU team this year.

  2. I smell a SEC kool-aid drinker in the house lol

    LSU couldnt score 20 points on their moms. I watched the game in its entirety. I so wish i could get those 3 hours back cause I kept waiting for LSU to do something anything on offense. LSU isnt 2 dimensional or 1 dimensional I am not sure what dimension their offense is in but it is bad really bad.

    I know I know we OSU fans arent allowed to say anything until we beat an SEC team again but I have been watching SEC football all year and you guys are just as much a convaluted mess as the Big 10 this year Florida is clearly the best team in the country and it is their NC title to lose. Alabama is very very good as well and prob those 2 teams should be in the NC game if both are undefeated and play each other in the SEC championship game. No matter who wins that game they should play again IMO.

    Now after that your next best 2 teams are LSU who has no offense. South Carolina who barely beat Kentucky. Then Auburn who self imploded. And so on LSU couldnt score 1 TD in thier own house on National TV. That has got to suck.

    Having said that OSU or Iowa will see LSU in the Capital One bowl this year so see you in a few months Jimmy boy.

    So yeah my only problem with this poll is Florida should be No 1 and alabama should be no 1a

    OSU is better than Iowa but that wont matter after Iowa gets beat this weekend in Wisky. So that will work itself out.

    CinCinnati will lose on thursday by 20+ points at South Florida you can bank that.

    Why cant we join MWC or WAC conference so we can be the best team in a bad conference every year memo to BSU I love your field have fun playing on it in the Humanitarian bowl again this year.

    Dear BYU, stop playing with my emotions. Love Sylvester

    ACC teams you dont matter anymore so please cancel your football programs.

    Big East if the best teams in your conference are either city names or directional state names you suck. Long live Uconn football lol

    I think I managed to stir enough fan bases for now next week I destroy the sun belt conference and conference USA….. do those conferences still exist?

  3. Ohio State is right where they want to be…striking distance to the #2 spot.

    Hopefully PSU and Iowa win out until the OSU games and OSU crushes both of them…

    Unfortunately, I don’t see Iowa doing that…maybe PSU…

    PS. Florida isn’t that good.

  4. Florida may not be as good as say other good teams in past years…..

    But this year in general it seems either parody has caught up in all of CFB or 98% of the teams in CFB are just not very good this year. I think it is a little bit of both. I at this time can only see 2 teams who could win the NC game they just happen to be UF and ALA…… not saying another team wont win it but odds are 1 of those 2 will.

    Those 2 teams seem to be good if not great on both sides of the ball. I dont think you can say that about any other team in CFB. Everyone else who are REAL contenders are unbalanced either good offense and bad defense or good defense and bad offense.

    Just my thoughts lol

  5. @jimmy j – I’m really, REALLY hoping you’re being sarcastic here. LSU 4th? Really?

    @SYR – I struggle with Bama/Florida. I like your idea of 1/1a, but Bama has beat 2 ranked teams now, Florida just one. And Bama beat VaTech, which means a lot for me. Hence, they stay #1.

    @Kade – I don’t want #2 this year. Next year, maybe, but not this year. And Florida has Tebow. Any team + Tebow = Top Five. No Matter What.

  6. Wait, didn’t UofM lose? What are they doing there? No Top 25 crashing for teams that lose!

  7. @NMU – Hmmm, that would appear to be an oversight. Now I need to figure out what team needs to be promoted.

  8. All I’m saying is I watched the Gators struggle to score points and you guys really don’t think the Gators would easily run up the score on
    OSU or PSU. Come on now boys, lets be serious.

  9. @jimmy j – you say the Gators “struggled”. Did they struggle because LSU’s defense was so good? Or because Florida’s offense just isn’t that good?

    Choose wisely.

  10. @jimmy how quickly you have changed from saying LSU would put up 20 on anyone in your list to the Gators.

    SEC kool-aid must be free this week down there at the Piggly Wiggly.

    LSU doesnt belong at 4 because they arent a good football team. Florida belongs at 1 because they ARE a good football team.

    cheers though on your trolling this week it has given me new reasons to hate SEC fans lol.

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