Week #5: Indiana – Open Thread

OSU FootballCrazy to think it’s already October and we’re in week number five of the 2009 football season. It’s going too fast! This week has Ohio State heading to the Mini Horseshoe to take on Indiana for a 7 PM showdown (on the BTN).

Before we get to our thoughts, a browse through some previews elsewhere is in order. We could probably just direct you to Buckeye Planet’s preview and be done. But we spread the love.

Some key points:

The Buckeye Defense will be going for their third straight shut-out. I don’t think it’s out of the question after shutting out Illinois, a team that clearly has (had?) more raw talent than Indiana does. Hurt Coleman will be sitting this one out (but we’re done talking about that) and Ross Homan is dinged up but otherwise, the Defense should be in fine shape. having Russell Anderson and Jermale Hines as the last line of defense in pass defense situations could be trouble. Indiana’s QB Ben Chapell could be finding his third and fourth options open early and often. If we’re in a lot of zone coverage, it could get ugly.

The defensive line is still the foundation of the defense and shouldn’t have too much trouble shutting down the Indiana running game and getting pressure on Chapell, which will be paramount. But it’s not just Thaddeus and Heyward doing all the work. Don’t forget about our former high school wrestling champ Tim Anderson Dexter Larimore. He’s been quietly getting the job done (perhaps too quietly. HE KNEW!). There’s just something reassuring about having a wrestling champ down in the trenches. I can’t wait until Musberger learns this news, so he can tell us about it over and over again.

On paper, Indiana’s defense looks decent. Currently, they’re ranked #4 in scoring defense (giving up 22.3 points/game) and in total defense (327.3 yards/game) in the Big Ten. Take into consideration the competition (W. Kentucky, W. Michigan and Akron before playing Michigan) but those numbers are still decent. They held run-happy Michigan to 3 yards/carry (and as WWAHT pointed out, it’s actually less than that). They have a competent defensive line and linebackers. Look for their ends to test the newbies at offensive tackle. Their defense backfield isn’t strong and should allow for Terrelle to have some options in the passing game.

When Ohio State has the ball, expect to see a lot of running. The Buckeyes had success in spades last week running the option read (even though many of the runs were designed hand offs) and we’ll be seeing Saine and company touch the ball often. With Boom Herron dinged up, I’m excited to see Saine starting this week. I have nothing but love for Boom, but I’m glad Brandon gets a chance to be the featured back. I’d have them both on the field if it was my call. Jordan Hall will also factor prominently in the game, but unfortunately not Jamaal Berry. He’s getting awfully close to that red shirt.

When Indiana is on offense, Ben Chappell is going to be looking to pick on Anderson Russell all day long. He’s got solid WRs to throw to (Tanden Doss being his favorite) and their running game is starting to gain some momentum. But let’s be strictly honest here. The Hoosiers haven’t seen a defense yet, much less a suffocating front four like the Buckeyes. It’s going to get ugly for Ben and his buddies.

I know Indiana is done with moral victories, but I can’t see any way Indiana challenges the Buckeyes at all. Moral victories are all their going to have coming out of this game.

Does Ohio State pitch it’s third shut-out? if not, how many TDs do they give up?
Does Ohio State have a 100 yard rusher this week?
I’m putting the over/under for Indiana’s offensive output at 350. Which one are you taking?
Final Score?

el Kaiser’s Predictions
Shutout? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. But, I think we only give up one TD.
100 yard rusher? Yes: Brandon Saine has the biggest game of his career.
O/U? I’m taking the under at 300 yards on the button
Final Score: 38-7

sportsMonkey’s Predictions
Shutout? I’d be surprised, especially with Coleman out. I think Indiana scores twice.
100 yard rusher? Yes – but only due to Indy’s terrible secondary, which should allow someone (Pryor/Saine) who gets into the backfield or around the edge to have a long run or two & bump up the average. We haven’t seen a reverse yet… those tend to work well against overagressive DLs…
O/U? Under at 275 yards
Final Score: OSU 31-10

sportsMonkey notes: Much is made of Indiana’s DL, but I think that they’re a bit overrated. Their numbers against UM were more due to UM offensive woes (-77 yards rushing on a half-dozen bad snaps). Take those away and Indiana gave up about 5 YPC to UM. OSU >> UM, so expect the fans in gray to cheer on a long TD run or two…

Sylvester Yon-Rambo’s Predictions
Shutout? I do think we can shut them out, so I say yes
100 yard rusher? Yes: I say we have 3 100 yard rushers….. Saine, Pryor, and Jordan Hall (my new boy on Offense)
O/U? I’m taking the under at 185 yards
Final Score: 36-0


  1. I think this’ll be a better game than anticipated. Lynch is mad, IU is mad, and OSU is without head-huntin’ Coleman. (joke)
    IU comes fast and hard, goes up 14-3 while holding Pryor to a few 3-and-outs before the running game gets established. Then OSU blanks IU for the rest of the game.
    Saine and Pryor both cross 100 on the ground.
    Under, but just barely. 335.
    24-14 the final.

  2. I dont believe Chappell has faced a rush like this yet in the early season, but I still believe that he will make good decisions with the ball and the sideline personnel will have more catches out of bounds than the actual Indiana wide receiver corps.

    I dont think that there will be a shutout at all. I have to agree with DaveM that it will be a good game, but OSU will take over mid-way through the 3rd quarter to a 28-10 win.

  3. IU gets at least one TD, prob in garbage time.

    With Herron out, Zoom gets more touches and (hopefully) becomes our first 100 yard rushing RB.

    Taking the under on the IU offense. IU winds up with 275 yards, 50 on the ground, 225 in the air.

    OSU gets plenty of bodies in the game in the 4th qtr en route to a 41-10 victory.

  4. IU will will score at least one TD.

    Saine goes for 100+ but Hall gets a lot of touches as well.

    IU offense will move the ball but the D holds strong so I will go with 365 yds for the Hoosiers.

    Final score 31-13 Bucks!

  5. Y’know, I’m going to go total homer on this one. IU gets shut out. Saine’s our 100 yard rusher, and IU doesn’t see the bright side of 350. I’ll put OSU in the driver seat from start to finish en route to a 31-0 win.

  6. So do I win? Well The D was great again and Pryor had his moments! A win is a win!

  7. 59-21

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