2009 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #4 (draft)

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 Florida
4 Boise State 4
5 Iowa
6 LSU 1
7 Ohio State 4
8 Cincinnati 5
9 Virginia Tech 6
10 Oklahoma 2
11 Houston 5
12 TCU 2
13 Oklahoma State 4
14 Southern Cal 4
15 Georgia 3
16 Michigan 5
17 Penn State 12
18 Miami (Florida) 9
19 Mississippi 13
20 California 16
21 Brigham Young 2
22 Kansas
23 Missouri
24 Nebraska 1
25 Oregon
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#20), Washington (#23), Florida State (#24).

On the cusp: Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Auburn

If there was ever a case for not having a poll until the fourth week, this week clearly made it. Four “top ten” teams lose and another could be in trouble. Some thoughts:

  • The top 3 stay the same, now more than ever because Florida’s outlook is cloudy. I do have to say this, though: I have no ill-will toward Tim Tebow. He’s seems like a nice guy and he’s a great football player. But I couldn’t help myself be a little happy inside when I saw him go down against Kentucky. I don’t want the guy to be permanently injured, but I am fiercely protective of Archie’s mark of two Heismans, and if this injury prevents Tim from duplicating that, then I’m all for it. But it looks like it could harm Florida’s future in more ways than one.
  • Alabama and Texas continue apace. I can’t wait until Texas actually plays someone. I’m guessing that will happen in January?
  • I believe the tide is turning against the superiority of the SEC. Their fans can’t point to the Ole Miss/South Carolina game and say “it’s the SEC!” No, it’s not. South Carolina is barely a good team. Ole Miss looked terrible. There’s no other way to put it. Charles Barkley TRBL
  • Speaking of TRBL, if you get pressure on Penn State’s Darryl Clark he turns into a pretty terrible QB. We had no way of gauging both Iowa and Penn State, both teams playing a bunch of nobodies. So is Penn State that bad or is Iowa better than we thought? I chatted with my dad about this, and he thought it was a little of both. I think it’s the former. Penn State is not a top ten team. I don’t think Iowa is, either. Where should the go?
  • I don’t know what to say about Cal. That loss to Oregon was gross. I almost want to take them out of the top twenty-five altogether, but even I can’t justify that.
  • Miami’s back! No, wait, no they’re not. It turns out that the ACC is just as bad as we all thought it was. Florida State turns out to be pretty terrible (barely beats Jacksonville State, loses to USF). Virginia Tech has been the only steady team. Maybe Miami will be back in time for their visit to Columbus next year.
  • Cincinnati still impresses, but Ohio State’s second dominating effort still gets them ranked ahead of the Bearcats.
  • The middle is muddled. I don’t know what to do with TCU, BYU and Michigan. TCU continues to handle its business, BYU bounced back and Michigan needed late-game heroics, again, against Indiana. INDIANA.

As always, help us straighten this out. I know I left someone off or have someone underrated. All comments welcome, but you need to back it up.


  1. formerlyanonymous says

    I don’t think you can classify ten teams as “top ten” caliber like previous years. Almost every team has a glaring weakness, making it look more like Texas/Alabama/Florida/a bunch of teams that would usually be 12-18.

    Because of this, I think you can justify at least Iowa being a top 10 team right now just for their good defense. They’ve beaten 3 FBS programs now, including an Arizona team that is better than normal for their standards and another team in the same bracket of good but not great teams.

  2. A few general comments…as the poll looks to be about right from my standpoint…

    1. Tebow…What in the world was he doing in the game? Trying to win the Heisman? Trying to run up the score? I am pretty sure that Rich Brooks thinks those shenanigans are “bullshit.” You reap what you sow Urban…

    2. I know you want to see Texas play someone. I really want to see UC play someone that has anything resembling a defense.

    3. Michigan…Home Cookin’…They should almost drop for that type of performance. Forcier wont make it through October.

    4. Remember the old debate about the SEC in the early 2000s in regards to terrible offenses making adequate defenses look effing awesome…it is about to happen again. The SEC is awful…I’m sorry. I watched some of the SEC games this past weekend. Piss poor offenses…all of them…even Florida.


  3. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    I hate this poll as much as I hate the big name polls….

    there are too many problems to deal with lol.

    Iowa went from not in the polls to no 5 in 1 week lol. Even if you think Iowa is a top 5 team then why does PSU drop so far in the polls by losing to a top 5 team?

    You move up scUM 5 spots who barely beat FRACKING INDIANA….. that is nuts!!!!!!!!!

    You got USC ranked below OSU….. even though we both know we are better than USC and we blew a chance to beat them…. I cant even justify ranking OSU over USC lol….

    moving up Georgia who needed a miracle to beat ASU at home…..

    Cal being ranked above Oregon whose only loss is to a top 5 team…. at BSU by the way.

    I could prob keep going but this is enough for now lol.

    I think your poll needs a lot more thinking about lol.

  4. Agreed OSU crushes two lame teams and they get ranked 7 spots ahead of USC a team that knocked off the Bucks at the Shoe with a freshman QB…plain ridiculous. Continuous controvercy in rankings, always part of the attraction of college ball.

  5. Man, is it depressing to see Michigan lossless this season. Last season was truly magical. Also, echo on a lot of what was said. Seriously, Iowa #5? Maybe #17. And yeah, I could probably justify dropping Cal completely because that was a pretty chumpy loss last weekend. Although at the same time, Oregon should be above UofM, and not dropping Cal completely would make a bit more sense.

    Man was last season awesome…

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