2009 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #3 (draft)

Things are all screwy now. I didn’t think USC would crap the bed this early, I thought BYU would at least keep it close, I think Alabama is overrated, yet I ranked them #1 and all the one loss teams are all jumbled. Take a look and straighten me out.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 1
3 Florida 2
4 California 3
5 Penn State 1
6 Mississippi 2
7 LSU 3
8 Boise State 1
9 Miami (Florida) 14
10 Oklahoma 4
11 Southern Cal 7
12 Ohio State 1
13 Cincinnati 3
14 Virginia Tech 4
15 TCU 4
16 Houston 3
17 Oklahoma State
18 Georgia 7
19 Brigham Young 14
20 North Carolina 4
21 Michigan
22 Kansas
23 Washington
24 Florida State
25 Nebraska 10
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#12), Utah (#17), Oregon State (#20), West Virginia (#22).


  1. FSU is way too low

    • @nick – please explain why. I need more data. Yes, they beat a solid BYU team handily, but they struggled against Jacksonville State.

      Let me repeat that. They struggled against Jacksonville State. They were losing 9-7 going in to the fourth quarter.

  2. Florida didnt do anything to drop IMO…..

    they beat an in conference rival

    If we are No 1 at the end of the year and michigan is 1-10 and we beat them 14-10 do we deserve to drop down in the polls or do you say it is a rivalry and rivalry games are usually close no matter what the records are.

    P.S. I hate Florida but want our poll to be legitamate. I do think Alabama is no 2 and Texas barely no 3

  3. USC and OSU are both better than Oklahoma

    also seeing teams drop that won seems wrong to me…. TCU didnt lose BYU did so dont punish TCU.

  4. @SYR – To a certain extent, I’m not considering the previous week’s poll when I consider the current poll. I can see where you are coming from on the Florida point, I think ‘Bama, Florida and Texas are all contenders for the #1 spot. I think ‘Bama has consistently won and have beaten a ranked team, something Florida hasn’t done yet. I’ll take the rivalry angle into consideration.

    And I’m not punishing TCU because of BYU, but again, who has TCU beat?

    Also, I think I will drop OU below OSU and USC.

  5. I’m a little late to this party…

    I agree with SYR on the rivalry standpoint. Those games just never seem to go the way that mark may wants them to…ya know what I mean?

    OU deserves an occasional kick to the groin in the poll, so to speak. They should be below OSU and USC for sure.

    Let’s just make it easy on ourselves. I cant stand Florida, but they are STACKED. Until they lose, there is no way they move from that top spot…unless they win on a Hail Mary against Vandy or magically find a way to get the Citadel on their schedule twice this season.

  6. @SYR – never too late! I have until tomorrow morning for any changes. And I plan on delivering the groin kick to OU, just because you phrased it so eloquently…

    But I still stand firm on ‘Bama at #1, since they have beaten a ranked team (VT) and neither Texas nor UF have.

  7. Here are my proposed changes:

    OU below USC, OSU at #12
    TCU up one to #14 (over VT)

    On the bubble: Iowa, GT and Indiana (I keed, I keed)

  8. el Kaiser

    Looks good to me…send that baby to the presses.

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