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OSU FootballThe week of impending doom is upon us. The Boys from Troy will invade the Horseshoe this weekend. From what we at MotSaG can tell, this looks to be an epic beatdown just waiting to happen. I mean really it is the perfect storm for a team to come into Columbus and win with a freshman quarterback in front of 105,000 crazed and mildly intoxicated OSU fans.

It just makes sense…right?

So let’s just recap some of this week’s happenings with the USC game looming and some other interesting tidbits that have occurred over the last 7 or so days…

  • USC freshman quarterback Matt Barkley already talking to OSU fans telling them to “Bring it on…” Trust me Matt. They wont be cheering for you…they’ll be cheering the Song Girls….and OSU.
  • In an “Allow me to retort moment,” Terrelle Pryor says it has already been “broughten” (via Twitter) with a simple yet effective “It’s on…”
  • Terrelle Pryor saluting PETA in his own particular idiom (or Vick eyeblack stickers) and then (in a moment of sheer awesomeness displayed by the OSU SID for allowing this to happen) TP spoke about his reasoning for the eyeblack stickers. Penn State fans immediately pile-on and say that this is why he isnt enrolled at State College (ya know…because he speaks like a 19 year old kid)…or they could go the rational route and say that he didnt want to attend their fine institution in the middle of a corn field…or play quarterback in college and become a running back.
  • Media states obvious…USC has an unbelievable backfield with a few viable options that consist of Chuck Norris, Bill Brasky (and his 253 illegitimate children, which he carries in his left sock…with heavy tape…of course), and a living and independently mobile piece of Tim Tebow’s leg hair.
  • Calling it now…Regardless of the result for USC in C-Bus, USC is going down in Seattle the following week. Bad week for USC to play Washington, who always plays USC tough in Husky Stadium.
  • In other news, Michigan beat a MAC team and its return to glory is in full swing
  • In other other news, Notre Dame beat Nevada and its fans are already making bowl arrangements to Pasadena
  • While it was a little while back, our fair and balanced (in a Fox News kinda way) compadre Brian over at MGoBlog (and no I am not linking and giving that site any traffic from this post, as childish as that sounds) decided to take a swipe at the ‘civility’ of OSU fans and the responsibility of OSU blogs and other outlets to condone ill feelings towards a Gray Decker and his “Fists of Fury” escapade on Tyler Moeller’s face. Ironically, this post on The Sporting Blog drew the ire of our buddy Jeff at the BBC who had some sensitive content incorrectly attributed, “HTML-mistakenly tagged” as originating from his site. Jeff…Did you ever get your apology from Brian? While most of us appreciate Brian’s writing ability, eloquent wit, and occaisional LOLCATZ! humor; character and maturity has never been a strong point for him (Kittenz after Appy State?…and more recently “The Rosenberg Involuntarily Voluntary Practice Jihad”).
  • Well at least UM fans in SE Michigan that didnt go to UM (roughly 95% from a survey I made up for this bullet) are past crayons…skipped LOGO…and moved onto MS-Paint. Some solid work over there boys. Can you guys put together a purple unicorn for me? Maybe one with confetti for flames coming out if its nostrils?
  • A side note…this time of year makes people care about baseball even less….unless you are a Yankee or Red Sox fan because ESPN LOOOOVES you, but God hates you, so it is a wash…
  • In Proper Football (Soccer) news, the US Men’s National Team won its World Cup qualifiers against El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago in the last week. They are at the top of the CONCACAF group and are pretty much a shoe-in for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Premier League picks back up this weekend. I am flying into C-Bus and will be at Tommy Keegan’s Saturday morning taking in Liverpool-Burnley and Tottenham-Manchester United. Stop by and say “Hello Govna” before the long day of waiting for the big game at 8PM.



  1. “or play quarterback in college and become a running back.” Ummm.. where and what exactly is Troy Smith doing nowadays? I’m sure his Heisman made a great paperweight.

  2. Oh Charlie…

    Playing the backup role (due to tonsilitis) for an NFL team is no shame in my book for a Heisman Trophy winner.

    Sour Grapes? Hey who knows…maybe Daryl Clark will have a fantastical career in the CFL.

  3. Nope, I’m still waiting on my apology.

    Gee, I wonder if it got lost in the mailbag!

  4. That is kind of what I figured. We may have to create an alter ego or alias for him that we can get all of the OSU blogs to use. It was a dick move and not surprising that he didnt have the sack to be a man. However, he is a Michigan Man, so this whole endeavor requires little to no explanation whatsoever.

  5. YNBA: You, sir, are the master of the bullet points. Fired with precision and velocity.

    You have tickets for the game or are you just coming down to bask in the greatest of College Gameday?

  6. Kaiser…

    Can you tell I work in corporate America?

    I dont have tickets. I was coming into to see my family this weekend anyways. Are you heading down for the game or the pre-game debauchery?

  7. Brian @ MGoBlog says

    Jeff got his apology from the editor who made the error of leaving out the link to Our Honor Defend, and if he’s not satisfied with that that is his problem.

  8. This…

    “Jeff got his apology from the editor who made the error of leaving out the link to Our Honor Defend, and if he’s not satisfied with that that is his problem.”

    sums up your character in a nutshell Brian. Anything originating under your name is your responsibility..regardless of how much blame you want to put on your editor. Really…a blogger blaming anything on an editor is a freaking joke. You are supposed to safeguard and stand behind your own material Brian…and you of all people know that.

    Then again…these things always have a way of working themselves out right?

    Keep living up to that smug and condescending Michigan Man-way Brian. It fits you…


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