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OSU FootballThe week of impending doom has passed us by and clubbed us like a baby seal. A tough loss to USC and an apparently media-unfriendly and unimpressive win against Toledo (Man..How bad is Colorado…really?) equates to a steady drop in the polls. Illinois is just around the corner to start conference play. Which Juice Williams will we see? 2007 Juice or Juice from any other year?

Dont you just love College Football?

Locked…Loaded….Here we go!

  • Orson Swindle decided to visit the grand metropolis of C-Bus to take in the USC game..and writes an elegant and true-to-life piece on sites, scenes, and peeps for a typical game day in Columbus. It is a great post and I encourage everyone to read it at least 3 times. See…we arent dicks to everyone…just most people that happen to wear Maize and Blue.
  • Penn State has basically played Temple three times. They are undefeated…and that means they are the class of the Big Ten…or Philadelphia, which also gets you a #4 ranking in the polls.
  • I have this disturbing but entertaining vision of when UM fans think of Tate Forcier. It involves various parts of the oldie but goodie from SNL. I believe that Mark May falls into this category as well.
  • I believe that fans and defensive players from State College, Iowa City, and Columbus have an entirely different view of Tate Forcier. In Iowa City (10/10), they’ll see a QB dinged up from the hands of a MAC team. For Penn State (10/24), they wont see him thanks to the Hawkeyes. For Ohio State (11/21), he’ll most likely be a worn-down freshman QB. Dont get me wrong Michigan fans, he will be a fine quarterback, but will probably have to take the Colt McCoy route to get there. He needs Barwis to get together some of those involuntarily voluntary weight room sessions, during the offseason.
  • I dont know if the Toledo D-Line was completely worn out by the time that Jordan Hall was getting carries, but between him and Boom Herron it looks like Hall has a bit more “shake and bake” out there. On the other hand, Herron is starting to scare me. He looks like he is starting to run the ball more and more like the Junior/Senior Editions of one Lydell Ross (If this is true, God help us all…).
  • In the “getting the last word in” category, the human quote machine that is Lane Kiffin left us with this beauty after Urban Meyer floated some ideas out there that the Swine Flu had some effects on the Florida performance against Tennessee last Saturday. Kiffin’s response when asked about the flu bug hitting in Knoxville…“I don’t know. I guess we’ll wait and after we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you everybody was sick.” I love this guy…I really do. He is like that crazy uncle that you only see at family reunions (because a majority of your family is afraid of him..remember…he’s KA-RAZY) that wants to find stuff in the garage to blow up or set on fire.
  • Media types would like you to know that Oklahoma gets a pass because Stoops is awesome-tastical-tabulous or some other reason, but doesnt understand why OSU gets the ‘donkey punch’ every time it comes short on a national stage.
  • This site would like you to know that it is really ok to like OSU and it’s football team. Srsly…for realz.
  • This site would also like to remind you that the U-Dub upset over USC was called here the week of the OSU-USC game. I’m just sayin’
  • In the on-going link-gate saga, we asked if Brian had apologized for his totally…completely…accidental “HTML-ified” link to the Jeff at the BBC on a hackjob article that he wrote (not on his blog, which is where it should have been posted in the first place) for TSN condemning OSU fan behavior in regards to dude that almost took away Tyler Moeller’s life let alone a college football season. Here is his apology.. “Jeff got his apology from the editor who made the error of leaving out the link to Our Honor Defend, and if he’s not satisfied with that that is his problem.” My response is here. Here is the deal folks. In the blogoshpere, we have to police ourselves to keep it somewhat on the respectable side. Otherwise, that Buzz Bussinger guy is vindicated for all of his efforts to smear blog writers. I appreciate that Brian feels he did nothing wrong (which says a lot about Brian). However, to hide behind an apparent editor’s mistake for HTML linking just doesnt fly, but hey…everything is all lolcats…and dont forget about kittens…and other witty totally cool stuff.

In proper football, the Barclay’s English Premier world has started to normalize after (omfg) Tottenham was at the top of the table for way too long. Three of big four (Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool) are sitting in the top 3 spots after this weekend’s action with Arsenal resting in 6th place. I know that none of you care, but I am telling you anyways…so suck it.

Hopefully we are reconvening next week after a big OSU victory next week over Illinois.


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