Get ready for our 2009 Buckeyes!

OSU FootballThis off-season has been particularly grueling for the sportsMonkey and I. I know I’ve mentioned this anytime we come back for a post or two, promising for regular content, only to go on hiatus time after time. This time, we mean it. The sportsMonkey has been in ultra-crunch mode right now, getting work out under serious deadlines and should be free soon. Myself, I’ve spent the better part of the spring and summer working on the northern border (Vermont and Maine) securing our country’s borders. I thought I was going to have tons of free time to post, but that ended up not being the case. But now that project has pretty much come to a close for me, so I suddenly find myself with a little free time.

So we’re playing catch-up now. Most of our Buckeye-blogging brethren have been bringing the season previews and lists and practice reports and now we’re ready to go with ours. We’ll be posting our previews shortly. Along with that, MotSaG season wouldn’t be complete without our annual Gameday preview. That should be coming soon, as well. Hopefully we can still bring the funny.

We’re also participating in the Blogpoll for a fourth season. This year, though, we’re contemplating on waiting until the fourth week to post our first ballot. We’ve all been critical of preseason ballots, so we might hold off on posting ours until then. We might. It’s kind of addicting to make top-25 lists.

Along with that, we’ll still have a lot of the regular content you’ve come to know and mostly tolerate. We may be doing something new for the live blogs on game day (which we’ve done in a sort-of-live manner in the past).

So with just a few days till kick-off, make yourself comfortable and join us again for another exciting Buckeye season.

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