Dead, but not really dead

Hey, look! It’s the monthly post at Men of the Scarlet and Gray, proclaiming that, “We’re not dead.” It’s true!

In all honesty, the Monkey and I burned out this past football season, tried to get the gumption to continue regular posts through basketball season, but didn’t have much gas left in the tank. Now we’re simply running on fumes.

I’d like to say we’re jazzed up and ready to post like fiends, but that isn’t true. We are both insanely busy at work and family duties and other things keep our evenings and weekends occupied as well. BUT… this isn’t the “we’re quitting post.” I can’t speak for the sportsMonkey, but I know I am getting excited about this season of football and am looking forward to getting back to some regular posting.

Recently, the Monkey and I been having more and more regular lunch-time conversations about the Buckeyes. The 2009 football Buckeyes make for great lunch topics. (Other great lunch time topics: “Zombieland: Best movie of 2009 or best movie ever made?”). We are excited about so many unknowns being answered in the next couple months. And we’d like to start blogging about it again. Just let us get ramped up. It’s coming.

In the meantime, I’ve scheduled a few posts to go live in the “down time” that I thought would good to share. Those little bits of Buckeye that we all love. And I also think you should see this, because you will LOL (via Koo’s Corner):

Also, I love this picture.

So thanks for sticking around. Let us know what’s got you excited about the 2009 Buckeyes, and what you’d like to see us start posting about.


  1. It’s about damn time!!!

    And did you know that you returned to blogging on “Man-Crush Day”?????

    See my blog for a mini-tribute to MotSaG

  2. I know, I know. We’ve been bad. But all things are currently getting rectified. Promise.

    And thanks for the man-crush shout-out.

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