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We’re reaching out to our great Buckeye readership with a simple bleg. We’ve been contacted by someone looking for a copy of a 2007 Ohio State Gameday Program. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know which game it was from. The only things she knows about it is that it has “Ohio State Football 2007” in the bottom left hand corner and that it contains this article:

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The article is quoted below:

ECHOES from the men of the Scarlet and Gray

Dear Football Buckeyes,

In my football career at Ohio State (’38-’40, Captain in 1940), I have adopted a few words (there are many more) that I believe should be part of your everyday vocabulary and will help you in your challenge to be the best as well as in your marriage and whatever profession you choose as you progress through life.

They are as follows:

  1. Dedication – This means work! Work! Work! Give it 110 percent
  2. Respect – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’ Show honor or esteem to your coach, teammates, teachers, school, community, parents, spouse, profession, and our American flag.
  3. Actions, Words, Mannerisms, Dress – I believe these are self explanatory.
  4. Common Sense – Sound, practical judgment.
  5. Self Control – Over one’s emotions, desires and actions.
  6. Attitude – A manner of acting, feeling, and thinking that shows ones’ own disposition. Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz said, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
  7. Smile, Humor, Laughter – These are proven by scientific research to improve your physical condition. What’s good about this, it doesn’t cost you a thing.
  8. Be Good to People – I believe in accountability.

Go Bucks! Best of Luck.

Jim Langhurst

What we’re trying to do is (1) determine which issue of the 2007 gameday program contains this article, and (2) see if we can locate a copy of this program. The person looking for it works in the Agency of the late Jim Langhurst and thought it would be nice if she could find this and give it to the family as a keepsake in his memory.

If you recognize this article or if you have access to a copy of this program, we’d really like to help out and get it in the hands of the right people. If you can help out, comment here or hit us up from the contact page. Your help is much appreciated.


  1. Just in case the email I sent gets lost, it was from the 10/20/07 Michigan St homecoming game program.

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