New Year’s Day Open Thread

FootballA football of the finest order. Also, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Ours — MORE BLOGGING!

Outback Bowl: Iowa 21 South Carolina 0
Great start for the Hawkeyes, a nice TD followed by an even nicer interception.

Okay, now a fumble for South Carolina and this could be getting UGLEE. Spielman is giving them the business.

The Big Ten needed a performance like this so far. Iowa needs to hold on and keep the Big Ten’s head above water.

Whoops. I left for lunch at the end of the Outback Bowl and forgot I was doing this. I should have quit while I was ahead. Michigan State looked okay for a while against Georgia, but Stafford was too much QB for that D to handle. Then Penn State also looked like they were going to challenge USC but ended up overwhelmed.

Things once again look pretty bad for the Big Ten, bowl-wise and national perception-wise (someone tell me how the Pac 10 (THE PAC-10!!) goes 5-0!!?) this bowl season. A Penn State win would have been nice, and there’s still hope for a good showing by the Buckeyes this Monday, but that remains to be seen.

Hope everyone enjoyed the New Year’s games. Welcome to 2009.

Just a real quickie: aLOLbama.


  1. usc dominates again… but it was the mich st loss that left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Both started off so promising, too.

  3. Sigh… I hate being right. Too many unfavorable matchups for the Big 10.

    The most surprising thing about the day was PSU’s defense. I didn’t expect them to win, but giving up 31 points by halftime? Sheesh.

  4. Texas Wahoo says

    The Pac 10 definitely gets the benefit of good matchups. With the exception of the Rose Bowl, the Pac 10 is lined up lower seeded teams from major conferences or mid-major conferences. I’m inclined to put the Big East in the latter category because I actually think the MWC’s top three were better than the Big East’s top three this year.

    I was disappointed in Michigan State’s showing because I think UGA was very beatable this year.

    • @TW – The match-ups are such a big deal. I don’t think winning games 3-0 (Oregon State) are much to brag about.

      And, yes, Georgia was totally beatable. We were hoping it would be Ohio State doing the beating.

  5. dear alabama fans,

    welcome to the club.

    The Ohio State University fans

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