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Yes, football is a brutal sport. As Buckeye fans, we have seen our share of slobber-knocking hits over the years. But honestly? Rugby has always intrigued and fascinated me. The pure, unadulterated violence is second-to-none. These guys know how to hit. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are two minutes of some serious rugby violence.


  1. el Kaiser,
    Yikes, that’s pretty fearsome stuff. My nephew played rugby until a concussion knocked some sense into him this past year.

    Any chance we can recruit some of these guys for LB/DB?

  2. I played rugby for 15 years in Argentina. I still live here and I play in the local American football league. While obviouly a million miles behind anything U.S, we still get a good share of good hits. As a former rugby player, hitting with pads and helmet is heavenly, I can hit all day long until my legs stop responding. I currently play DE and FB on my team, and follow the bucks religiously as well. đŸ˜€

  3. not that rugby isnt a great way to pass our blogging time, but it seems that maybe we are forgetting out about our basketball buckeyes who are off to a pretty good start. there has been a little talk, but heck…why not pass the time with some bball talk (that is until the bowls start rolling). just a thought from one buckeye to another.

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