2008 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #14

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Oklahoma
3 Florida
4 Texas
5 Penn State
6 Southern Cal
7 Utah 1
8 Texas Tech 1
9 Ohio State 1
10 Boise State 1
11 Ball State 3
12 Oklahoma State 1
13 TCU 2
14 Cincinnati 2
15 Georgia Tech 3
16 Boston College 3
17 Oregon 6
18 Brigham Young 3
19 Michigan State 3
20 Georgia 8
21 Mississippi 4
22 Pittsburgh 4
23 Northwestern 1
24 Missouri 11
25 Tulsa 1

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#17), Florida State (#20).

Utah and Texas Tech flip-flop after a weak Texas Tech showing, where they needed three straight touchdowns to beat Baylor and Ohio State and Boise State flip-flop because I love the Buckeyes and I hate the Smurf Turf. A top-15 that includes Ball State, Cincinnati and TCU feels wrong.

Big thanks to Oregon for making it a lot more realistic for the Buckeyes making a BCS game this season. If it comes down to OSU or Boise or Utah, I’m guessing the bowl committee will make the right decision.

Comments, suggestions and poo-flinging are welcome in the comments, as this is preliminary ballot.


  1. even though, like many OSU fans out there, i dont feel we have really proved ourselves to be worth of a BCS bowl (mostly consistency wise, the talent is definitely there) i will never settle for less when there is a chance to play in a BCS game. the team has been playing pretty well down this home stretch, lets just hope the committee makes the right decision by allowing our beloved buckeyes PROVE it on the big stage in a BCS game!

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