2008 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #7

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas 4
2 Alabama 1
3 Penn State 3
4 Oklahoma 3
5 Florida 9
6 Southern Cal 3
7 Oklahoma State 9
8 Texas Tech
9 Georgia 2
10 Brigham Young 3
11 Missouri 9
12 LSU 8
13 Ohio State 3
14 Michigan State 3
15 Utah 2
16 North Carolina 5
17 Kansas 1
18 Virginia Tech 1
19 Boise State 4
20 Pittsburgh 4
21 California 5
22 South Florida 3
23 Wake Forest 3
24 Ball State 2
25 Vanderbilt 13

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#20), Northwestern (#22), Florida State (#23).

We’re Bullish on: Texas, Oklahoma State, and Florida.

We’re Bearish on: Vandy, LSU, and Missouri.

We can’t make up our mind on: BYU (seriously, SYR who have they beat?), Ohio State (SO FRUSTRATING to be a fan right now), and Cal (one week there off our radar, all of a sudden they’re #21?)

Let us know what you think. Even though we do our own little mini-poll before we submit our ballot, we are always open to constructive criticism. (Just note that I’m never wrong)

Oh, and I wanted Minnesota. If you think they belong, let everyone know how right you and I are!


  1. I really like Minnesota for at very least a low position in the rankings. As much noise as Northwestern was making in the ‘we get no respect’ front, Minnesota’s got it worse. Hell, they deserve a spot on the strength of being bowl eligible at all after last season’s debacle.

  2. Here is the problem with any college football poll…..

    You say who has BYU beat and I say who have the teams that lost. Who have they lost to?

    Seriously UF lost to a bad team at home….. USC lost to a bad team….. Georgia lost to Alabama (who I like a lot but will still end up losing 2 games before it is all said and done.)

    The fact is When it is all said and done there will be 1 team undefeated at the end of the year (BYU or UTAH). Both scheduled historically great teams this year OOC how were they to blame that scUM or UCLA or Washington would be so bad.

    Dont use the same excuse that Mark May and Trev Alberts used in 2001-2002 to describe a highly underrated OSU team week in and week out.

    The question shouldnt be who did they beat but did they win and can they beat any of the teams ranked above them and below them…. I feel like BYU can beat those teams.

    P.S. I tried not to be a homer when I put the Buckeyes in my top 25 at 18. The fact is they will have no chance to win this weekend if they dont start letting Pryor throw the DANG ball…. if they dont trust him to do it go with the 2 QB system and let Boeckman throw for the love of WOody Hayes….

    I also had the Golden Gophers in my top 25 based on their play so far.

    Stupid polls lol

  3. SYR – After last week, it seemed clear that they were trying very hard to get Pryor to throw the ball… but none of the WRs could ever get open.

    He seems to be a bit selfish with the option, too… remember that play where the crowd booed him for keeping the ball and losing 5 yards, when the LBs had keyed on him leaving Beanie with a gaping hole and a totally empty field all the way to the end zone. (You know you’re predictable when the defense doesn’t spy Beanie Freaking Wells.)

    I don’t think the problem is letting him pass. I think the problem is (1) giving him time to pass, and (2) the underachieving, poorly playing OSU WRs.

    Still, it’s amazing that even though the offense has struggled, Pryor is sporting a 65.8% CMP rate, good enough for second in the B10.

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