Beanie’s Heisman Chances and other long shots

Beanie thinks he still has a chance at the Heisman:

Asked if he could be that player, despite the right foot injury that kept him out of three games this season, he didn’t hesitate.

“I honestly think I can be the best player in college football,” he said.

Two weeks ago, I would have said, “No way. No fricken way.” Now, maybe it’s not such a long shot.

Beanie WellsPreseason Heisman Hopefuls™ included Beanie, Knowshon Moreno, Chase Daniels, Pat White and of course, the Lord and Saviour, Tebow Child himself. As it stands now, Daniels is currently the front runner while Pat White wallows on a horrible team and Knowshon is banged up and only racked up 34 yards in Georgia’s marque match-up against Alabama. Tebow had his own difficulties against Ole Miss [*snicker*] and his team’s early struggles may be unfairly placed on his broad shoulders. If Florida continues to stumble, we won’t have the second two-time Heisman Trophy Winner the ESPN wants so desparately.

So while Beanie’s chance are somewhere between slim and none right now, give him a game or two where he racks up a couple hundred yards a piece (preferrably against Wisconsin and Penn State) including some more acrobatics and stiff arms, and we’ll see. While some preseason favorites may have dropped out, they’ve been replaced by the likes of Javon Ringer and Sam Bradford. Beanie’s road to the Heisman is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

He can get it all back on track with a repeat of his Wisconsin performance from last year. That moment, where he scored a HUGE TD and sprinted right back to the bench, will be an iconic Beanie moment for me.

Quick hits: Beanie isn’t worried about Pryor’s first start away from the ‘Shoe; the kid was watching OSU game film while he was still in high school… Meanwhile, Pryor knows what’s expected of him… Tressel is 2-3 vs. the Badgers and 43-8 vs. the rest of the conference… I keep hearing these stories about getting pelted with marshmallows stuffed with nickels. Maybe it’s just me, but that sure doesn’t sound too bad. Better than getting nailed by batteries

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