A quick PSA

This is just a quick Public Service Announcement to our readers and fellow Buckeyes concerning our commenting system.

First off, we love to hear from you guys, whether you are a Scarlet and Gray dyed in the wool fan, a die-hard anti-Buckeye or somewhere in between. We welcome all comments, save the vulgar/racist/inappropriate ones. We even try to approve the comments from the trolls, loathsome as they are.

We also love to foster on-going discussion, so we have a little option at the bottom of the comment box (depicted below) that, when checked, will notify you of any additional comments that get posted after your comment is posted.

When additional comments are posted, you’ll receive an email notifying you of recent comment activity. If you want to reply to the additional comments, you have to come back to the site (the link to the post will be included in the email) and leave additional posts.

Please do not respond to the actual email. Your interesting, intellectual and thought provoking response will be sent to my personal email address, not as a comment on the site. While I appreciate your sharp wit and insight, I want others to share in your wisdom. It’s unfair of me to keep that knowledge from the rest of Buckeye Nation.

So please, if you receive an email about a comment thread you’ve subscribed to, come back to the site and unleash your verbal acumen here on the site. It’d be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. We’ll return to our regularly scheduled Wisconsin Week blogging soon.

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