Out to Lunch

As you have probably guessed, there won’t be a MotSaG blogpoll ballot this week. The monkey and I are on business travel this week, so blogging will be light and dealing with the world’s slowest wireless network connections prevented us from getting our blogpoll ballot put together. Blogging should resume normally this weekend.

We also noticed that we have failed to submit our ballot the week after every Buckeye loss since we’ve been participating in the BlogPoll. Up until this week, this was not coincidental. This week it was.

Being outside of Central Ohio, we haven’t been around to witness the aftermath of the weather that went through earlier this week (although it did delay our flight by three hours) nor have we been able to witness the fallout of yet another crapping-of-the-bed against a powerhouse. We are thankful for our fellow Buckeye bloggers keeping us in the loop.

Just wanted to check in let everyone know we’re not dead. Except for the inside. We’re definitely dead on the inside after last Saturday.

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