2008 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #2

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal 1
2 Oklahoma 1
3 Georgia 1
4 Ohio State 1
5 Florida
6 LSU 1
7 Missouri 1
8 Wisconsin 2
9 Auburn
10 Penn State 2
11 Texas
12 East Carolina 14
13 Oregon 2
14 Arizona State 4
15 UCLA 1
16 Brigham Young 2
17 Texas Tech
18 Alabama 5
19 South Florida 3
20 Wake Forest 1
21 Utah 2
22 California 4
23 Kansas 4
24 Fresno State 4
25 Purdue 1

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#8), Cincinnati (#24), Nebraska (#25).

After looking at some other bloggers polls, it’s obvious we’re a little more bullish on the Buckeyes than just about everyone else. So many answers will be provided this weekend. And lots of apologies to Buckeye fans, AMIRIGHT? This week has been one long agonizing wait, and it’s only Tuesday night. This is going to kill me.

The rest of the poll is there for your perusal and derision, as always. I’m tired and going to bed.


  1. In retrospect…

    BYU needed a player (Dennis Pita) to have the game of his life against the Huskies to even be in a position to win. Everybody is saying that U-Dub is a bottom feeder. The two spot drop is warranted imo. I may have overestimated BYU and underestimated Utah…oh well…we’ll fix it next week or or one the two teams will fix it for us.

  2. OSU needs a fourth quarter muff to seal the game versus a MAC team and you all have them fourth? 🙂 Homers one and all. 😉

    I’m really hoping ECU runs the table just to upset things a bit, even if that means they run wild over my local team (UCF) and even though they have the gayest logo in all of D-1 football.

  3. I promise to actually turn in a poll next week lol….

    I am a true hater of preseason polls and as of up to this weekend as far as I am concerned CFB as a whole has been playing a pre season schedule.

    This weekend should give me much more insight.

    Things I do know……

    Jake Locker Broke a rule

    UW missed a EP kick that was still less than 30 yards straight on.

    OSU looked like a pile of dog crap last weekend

    USC looks unbeatable….

    and am I the only person who has noticed Penn State all of a sudden has a good offense going….

    Sylvester Yon-Rambo

  4. @YNBA – The BYU/Utah debate will have two definitive games to settle that debate, starting with BYU/UCLA this week. It’ll work itself out.

    @Other Zack – I know, we struggle with homerism. We did drop them a spot! Trust me, if (and that is a ten mile high IF) they lose to USC this Saturday (ain’t gonna happen) their place at the top will cease to exist.

    @jeremiah – no, you’re not the only one seeing PSU improve. We all saw it. Here’s to hoping it continues for a couple more weeks.

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