2008 Blogpoll Ballot, Week #1

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma
2 Southern Cal 2
3 Ohio State
4 Georgia 2
5 Florida
6 Missouri
8 West Virginia
9 Auburn 17
10 Wisconsin
11 Texas
12 Penn State 3
13 Alabama 8
14 Brigham Young 3
15 Oregon 3
16 UCLA 10
17 Texas Tech 5
18 Arizona State 2
19 Kansas 1
20 Fresno State 6
21 Wake Forest 2
22 South Florida 3
23 Utah 3
24 Cincinnati
25 Nebraska 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#9), Illinois (#13), Virginia Tech (#14), Tennessee (#22), Michigan (#25).

We usually have a mini blogpoll between the MotSaG writers, but with the goofy weekend and what-not, this week’s ballot is a collobration of Zeke and me, so you get what you see. Past 20 or so and it’s a crapshoot.

USC gets a bump due to their impressive win over Virginia and as a defense mechanism, should things go south for the Buckeyes in a couple weeks. OSU goes ahead of Georgia because holding YSU to no points and negative rushing yards is better than giving up 21 points to Georgia Southern. Oklahoma and their 50-point first half secures the top spot. Even if it was against Chattanooga Community Center, or whoever they played. Leaving Auburn out of our original ballot was an egregious error that has since been corrected.

Obviously, things will become clearer as the weeks progress, but we’re laying the foundations now. Comments, suggestions and ridicule is expected and appreciated.


  1. East Carolina was impressive this weekend.

  2. I missed out on the poll this week..so here are some thoughts..

    I watched the Oregon – U-Dub game in its entirety Saturday evening. I’m still not sure if Oregon is that good or if Willingham’s Huskies are that bad…probably a mixture of both. Regardless, Jake Locker is a stud and it looks like he has gotten faster. Would love to have seen him on a better team in his college career.

    ECU looked good. However, let’s be honest..Sean Glennon (sp?) is beyond terrible. He is so bad that they are pulling the redshirt off of the VT QB of the future. He is like an immobile Brooks Bollinger…

    Michigan State was Michigan State…meh..

    Illinois was…o hai..My name is Juice Williams and I am a QB that threw for 4 million yards against Mizzou. How does that work?

    If NC State doesnt lose its starting QB in the 2nd quarter on Thursday evening, I have a strong suspicion the Cocks would have lost that game. S. Carolina looked lost until that injury occurred.

    It is amazing that they have already started the debates on who is #1 between USC and Georgia on ESPN. I shouldnt be surprised, but it is a little early to start handing out merits on the first game of the season when USC plays against a bottom feeder in the ACC and Georgia just finished off a YSU-like opponent.

    I guess they need something to talk about…

  3. @Other Zack – ECU did look good beating VaTech, but I need to see more. Right now they’re beating WVU, so color me impressed.

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