We’re up, we’re up…

el Kaiser and I have been like a couple of hibernating bears this summer, arising only long enough to hit the snooze button with an occasional Ohio-sports related article.

But as the summer wears on, the hot southern winds are carrying a familiar scent… which creates a craving, and initiates a hunger.

College football.

The days are warm, the tomatoes are ripe and full of hot juice, and the Milky-Way stretches over the already waist-high corn at night.

And college football nears.

The same thing seems to happen each summer, in that dead space after the NBA Finals and the annual non-playoff-appearance by the Jackets. We write ourselves into a deep slumber. Occasionally we get jazzed up about Ohio’s summertime teams long enough to string together a few paragraphs. I tried writing about the Crew once, but ended up talking about bratwurst.

But as college football nears… we feel like rising, rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, and charging up our laptops. After all, the name of the site is Men of the Scarlet and Gray.

So, “we’re up, we’re up.” We’re up, and awake. Expect a surge in content here soon.

And in case we don’t say it enough, thanks for stopping by, and thanks especially to those who participate in the comments sections.


  1. You guys have a comments section? I gotta get me one of those….

  2. well good morning…glad to see you guys back!

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