In the mood for Crew food

CrewCrew playersThe Columbus Crew found themselves in an early led yesterday after a Sebastian Rozental goal, scored on a penalty kick in the 23rd minute. Rozental took the penalty shot after Real Salt Lake’s Willie Forko interfered with Thomas during a streak down the endline towards the RSL goal. After conferring for what seemed like an eternity, the officials decided on the penalty kick, and Rosental booted it past the RSL netminder for… blah BLAH, blah blahblah blah blahblahblah.

Last night was “Buck-a-Brat” night at Crew Stadium.

When a buddy called me up with an extra ticket to a Crew game, my first question to him was, “Is it on Wednesday?” Crew home games + Wednesday evenings = 100 pennies per grilled pork-veal product. Four quarters for a juicy, full-size Bob Evans bratwurst. Ten dimes per ticket into temporary Midwest heaven. With stadium mustard on the side.

pigcow product
Four dollars for dinner. Thirty-six dollars for beer. Welcome to the Midwest.

According to the Columbus Crew Media Relations dept., a total of 302,680 brats have been sold on summertime Wednesday evenings at the stadium. Now, if the average pig weighs 200 pounds, and the average brat contains a quarter pound of pork (with some baby cow thrown in), then over 302,680 brats, that works out to something like eleventy billion pigs that have sacrificed their lives for deliciousness.

Mmm… sacrificed pigcow product.

Oh, the Crew? Yeah, they lost. I think.


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