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First of all, did you know Wal-Mart had a Blog? Not just a blog, but a rather large, multi-authored blog? I sure didn’t.

Anyway, I’ve railed for a long time that EA should offer regional covers for their sports games, but more specifically, for the NCAA 0X series. I don’t mind buying a college football game with Reggie Bush or Jared Zabransky on the cover, but as a Buckeye fan, I’d be much more inclined to get one with Troy Smith or Vernon Gholston on my cover.

Well, this year for NCAA 09, you can do just that. You can “customize” your NCAA cover to fit your fandom. But, it’s exclusively available at Sam’s Club:

Sam’s Club will be the ONLY retailer to offer OFFICIAL EA alternative cover images. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are like me and NOT a Razorback fan (almost illegal here in Arkansas, I still will not to that “wooooo pig” thing), you can put an image from a selection of images on YOUR box front at no additional charge.

It’s a very cool idea, but it looks like it’s being executed poorly. First of all, the example posted at the Check Out blog, with the Lucky Charm Leprechaun, looks like a character model from the game. If they use mascots from the game engine as the cover pictures, that is pretty lame. If they’re not using actual photographs, this is a bad idea. And I know there are licensing agreements and NFL player associations to deal with, but it would be really cool if they worked it out to have a few fan favorites from each team available for covers. That would make it an instant buy.

And for those wondering, here’s my dream cover:

NCAA 09 Cover

(And by “dream cover,” I mean that literally. I dream about buying NCAA 09 with Mount Vernon on the cover. Nightly)

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  1. Remember that NCAA Football does not have license to use real player names (Fire up Florida and watch as the Heisman winning “QB #15” takes the field), so having the ability to place any athlete on the cover would require individual contracts (and licensing) for every single player.

    Now, for the mascots, this is a different story because the Mascot likenesses are already licensed (if applicable) and in the game, so they can use them on the cover for no additional fee. It’s likely that Sam’s Club is paying any additional licensing costs regarding the use of particular likenesses and that’s why this is not a nationwide program.

    Only me speculating however.

  2. Why not just print out the picture you want and glue it to the box? Then you and Mount Vernon can relax and have all the children you want. 🙂

  3. Children with tanks for biceps.

  4. Bobster – you are not helping, here. Mount Vernon’s and el Kaiser’s offspring would be Kong.

  5. @Zack – I realize there are hurdles. I just wish they’d let me be in charge 🙂 I can work that stuff out.

    @Bobster – Who said anything about wanting children?

    @C – Okay, now I’m intrigued about this children option.

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