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Blog/site newsCavaliersOSU LogoOSU FootballAfter already failing in my attempts to blog on a regular basis, the Monday Musings are back after a one week hiatus. And just barely!

The Terrell Pryor watch continues: Now he’s courting offers from places like Memphis. Memphis? I actually told the Monkey last month that he may be one-and-done if he plays both sports, no matter where he plays. As Massey mentions, if he gets a whiff of the cash the NBA will throw at him, he may be tempted to hang up the cleats early. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. And Brian reminds us that while the signing “deadline” is April 1st, he doesn’t actually have to sign anything. He can show up at the Woody Hayes Althetic Center and step right into a scholarship.

The King James Cavaliers: Now that the Cavs have had a couple weeks to mesh, I think they’re really starting to look good. I still think Joe Smith is the diamond in the rough with this trade, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. And this is without Z, Boobie, and Sasha.

Ohio State Basketball: The All Big Ten teams were announced, and Jamar Butler was voted on the first team by the media and the second team by the coaches. Kosta Koufos also received mentions. But the real travesty is seeing accolades heaped upon the most overrated player in the Big Ten, Eric Gordon. It’s a joke. And before the Indiana fans crawl all over me, just look at the stats. Yes, he leads the Big Ten in scoring. He’s barely serviceable from behind the arc. He plays out of control. He was constantly bailed out by the refs on ill advised drives. He also took almost 400 shots. He’s bound to make a few of them! I could go on. He’s not a bad player. He’s just overrated.

New blogs: The Sports Diva Magazine and On the Banks of the Olentangy.

Future pieces on tap: Mancrushers unite!

Got any thing you need to get off your chest? Something we’ve missed? Am I an idiot? Let us know!


  1. Thanks for the shout out for The Sports Diva Magazine. GO BUCKS!

  2. Likewise gentlemen… Gracias for the love, we’ve reciprocated with a blogroll shout out, which while hardly carrying the same weight as a link from y’all, is most assuredly the least we can do. I think if we do our best once finals sort themselves out to make our silly, satirical blog even half of what y’alls is, we’ll be doing more than alright.

  3. Arkansas Buckeye says

    Does anyone else think Terrel Pryor seems to have a full set of emotional luggage that he is packing on his way to college? I don’t know him and maybe he’s just a young kid learning how to handle the media pressure. Or maybe he’s a bundle of ego just waiting to explode in some coach’s face.

    This smells a lot like what happened to Houston Nutt here at Arkansas when the fan base (and AD) just HAD to have the nationally ranked local quarterback Mitch Mustain. It was total disaster reusulting in the firing of the Nutt (w/ 3.5 mill thank you), and resignation of AD Broyles (long overdue) – ended up being a huge scandal. And now they are left pumping a recruting machine that has run dry.

  4. @SD & WF – Us Buckeye bloggers are one big family. I have to show love when I can!

    @Arkansas Buckeye – I worry about the same thing. We just have to look a few years ago at a certain highly touted recruit who shall not be named to see where that got us.

  5. No fair comparing Terrelle Pryor to Maurice Clarett.

    At least not yet.

  6. @Poe – You’re right. I’ll reserve judgement until something happens.

  7. Arkansas Buckeye says

    IT is fair to question whether two people with similar patterns of behavior will have the same outcome. I don’t think anyone is implying Pryor will ever turn out like Clarett. But if their personalities and lack of discipline are the same, caution is warranted. That’s all I’m saying. We have other QB’s.

    It really annoys me that people point to Maurice Clarett as a blemish on the reputation of Ohio State. I’m not sure any other program stopped recruting him because he was going to be such a devisive influence. OSU handled the problem as it should have been handled.

    Hell, at Arkansas, they would have bought guns for him if he could deliver a win against ‘Bama.

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