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Blog/site newsThey say one of the worst blog posts is the “sorry I haven’t posted lately” post. They’re easy to do, but they’re lazy and show a lack of enthusiasm. Sorry, but this is one of them.

To be honest, the MotSaG HQ has been pretty low in the enthusiasm department since the second week of January. Me personally, I’ve gone into a bit of hibernation. I’m drained. I’m still watching the Buckeye ballers try and find an identity and I’ve been following the recent trade happenings of the Cavs. I’ve also been following Terrell Pryor saga but I haven’t been inspired to post anything. At least not until he signs on the dotted line on the OSU letterhead. Consequently, the blogging has suffered, for which I apologize.

This isn’t a “we’re abandoing the blog” post. Far from it. We’ll still be here, entertaining everyone as much as we can. It’s just an excuse (see above) to post something and tell everyone we are alive and kicking. As for me, at least for the time being, I’m going back to being a nerd and pwning noobs in Halo 3.

Fear the Spartan Buckeye!

The Buckeye Spartan

What are you doing to pass the time? Anyone up for a deathmatch?


  1. Get CoD 4 and we can have a deathmatch. Halo sucks.

  2. I’ll play sometime. Spivan is my Gamertag.

  3. @Ledcow – Halo 3 ain’t that bad. I’ve heard that CoD 4 is awesome, I just haven’t had a chance to get CoD 4 yet.

    @Spivan – I sent you a friend request.

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