The empire becomes weaker

Blog/site newsdarth_vader_nooo.jpegKeith, say it ain’t so.

For you OSU and Big 10 blogging young-uns, Buckeye Commentary has been doing high-quality, thoughtful, classy blogging longer than most others.

When I started MotSaG, my vision was inspired by what Keith was doing over at Buckeye Commentary. Buckeye Commentary ruled the Buckeye amateur writing world, and he and Brian Cook pretty much represented the Big 10 by themselves. They are the standard to which we esteem (and usually fall woefully short).

(And by “amateur,” I mean the act of sportsblogging for the fun of it, because all of us know Keith had more to say, and more talent saying it, than any “pro” writer working for ESPN or their ilk.)

The Buckeye blogging community is losing a great voice. Our best wishes go to Keith in whatever he chooses for his future. You’ll always be welcome here, and we hope to see you around often.


  1. Don’t worry, Buckeye Commentary will continue. And, it will be as good as ever.

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