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Blog/site newsWe just wanted to check in and let people know what we are, in fact, alive and well. In fact, I don’t know why I’m blogging this while there’s science to be done. (I’m really hoping someone in the audience gets that reference) Everything at la Casa MotSaG is going well, we’ve just been tres busy with real life, including getting extremely busy at our real jobs.

We are, however, taking in all manner of Ohio sports, including the Buckeye Ballers, the Cavs and the CBJ. We’re aware of some kid by the name of Pryor. We just got worn down after the Bourbon Bowl and haven’t found our blogging groove yet. But we have been working on some good stuff that we think you guys are going to like. So thanks for sticking around through another MotSaG dry spell, thanks for the “are you guys alive?” emails and for all your tips. We appreciate it.

We also recently saw the movie Cloverfield, and we don’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise with spoilers, but we were certainly surprised to find out the identity of the monster destroying Manhattan.

It was the 2008 Ohio State Defense.


  1. Madd props for withstanding Cloverfield…I don’t even know if it was a bad movie…considering I had to leave 25 mins in due to serious motion sickness. Note to self: Do not attend movies filmed via home video.

  2. Cloverfield rocked. Loved it. I wonder who would win in a fight. Cloverfield or that other big monster Gholston. Maybe Cloverfield and Gholston are really the same????

  3. the cake is a lie.

  4. @Blake – I am one of the lucky ones who didn’t get sick watching Cloverfield.

    @zach – Cloverfield came out January 16th. Gholston declared his professional status only days before. Coincidence?

    @darren – You were told about the cake, too? Man, I was really looking forward to it.

  5. Why am I posting when there is science to be done?

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