Link Round-up, Week #7

Blog/site newsOSU FootballBuckeye Fever is sweeping the nation once again. Are you ready?

In a crazy season, why not the Buckeyes?

“Maybe, maybe not. But we do know this after six games: The Buckeyes are an efficient blend of passing and running wrapped in a two-ply steel coating of defense that is more than capable of winning big.”

Ohio State has championship look; opponent says defense has ‘no weakness'”

“Ohio State won the BCS title in 2002. That Buckeyes team relied on a dominating defense and an opportunistic offense. The 2007 version has a defense that might be better than the ‘02 crew.”

Rebuilding? Not these Buckeyes

“The biggest obstacle to Ohio State making its third BCS title game appearance in six seasons isn’t necessarily the schedule — Kent State, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Illinois are all in Columbus, while OSU is on the road against enigmatic Penn State and Michigan — but perception.”

Opportunity knocks

“Still coach Jim Tressel isn’t ready to crown this his best OSU defense.

‘They are a good defense,’ he said. ‘They’ve got to make sure they keep getting better.’

A frightening thought.”

LSU is No. 1, but who’s the second-best team?

“Meanwhile, Ohio State has the team and the pedigree. The Buckeyes just keep motoring along, knocking off would-be threats like Purdue. They’re a lot better than the roadblocks they have coming up – Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan – yet all of those teams have enough national credibility so that the Buckeyes will impress the pollsters after they roll over them.”

At Least They’re Not Going To Play Florida

“Sorry everyone, but Ohio State might just end up back in the national championship game with a better team, and you’re not going to see it coming.”

So here we are, looking at week seven, a weak Kent State ahead of us and people around the country proclaiming the Sugar Bowl matchup of LSU and Ohio State. Are you buying it? Does it make you nervous? Do you have nightmares of that insane SEC speed haunting you still?

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