BlogPoll Ballot, Week #6

Rank Team Delta
2 California
3 Ohio State
4 Boston College 3
5 South Florida
6 Missouri 9
7 South Carolina 19
8 Arizona State 6
9 Oklahoma
10 Cincinnati 2
11 Oregon 1
12 Virginia Tech 6
13 Illinois 7
14 Hawaii 5
15 Kentucky 7
16 West Virginia 9
17 Kansas 9
18 Wisconsin 12
19 Southern Cal 15
20 Florida 9
21 Connecticut 5
22 Virginia 4
23 Tennessee 3
24 Auburn 2
25 Florida State 1

Dropped Out: Texas (#13), Purdue (#16), Georgia (#17), Miami (Florida) (#21), Michigan State (#23), Rutgers (#24).

A few thoughts:

Sylvester Yon Rambo is our man in Connecticut, which accounts for their rise into our polls. If you’ve got a question about Huskies Football, he’s your man.

Our rankings are all over the place. Some of us decided to drop USC and/or Florida from our ballots. Both are still decent teams, and I can promise they’ll be playing spoilers down the road.

We were hoping (for more than one reason) that Kentucky would be victorious over South Carolina, mostly because we left them off our ballot last week, which was a huge mistake. A mistake that has largely been corrected.

As always, these are opinions of teams that we have thoughtfully considered, then threw into a hat and picked out at random. Berate us, if you must, in the comments.

Sorry for the delay in the Purdue Performance Evaluations, they’ll be up sometime tomorrow.


  1. Son of Wilford says

    You guys honestly had Purdue @ 16th last week? That’s inflation of an opponent.

  2. SoW – We had them at 17 the week before, and in the low 20s the week before that. Most had them around 20. Last week’s poll was a bit aberrant, as el Kaiser mentioned it didn’t reflect all MotSaGers internal ballots.

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