Blogpoll Ballot, Week #5

Rank Team Delta
2 California 6
3 Ohio State 2
4 Southern Cal 1
5 South Florida 15
6 Wisconsin 4
7 Boston College 5
8 Kentucky 5
9 Oklahoma 7
10 Oregon 1
11 Florida 7
12 Cincinnati 4
13 Texas 6
14 Arizona State 9
15 Missouri 3
16 Purdue 1
17 Georgia 4
18 Virginia Tech 4
19 Hawaii 4
20 Illinois 6
21 Miami (Florida) 5
22 Auburn 4
23 Michigan State 4
24 Rutgers 13
25 West Virginia 19

Dropped Out: Clemson (#14), Alabama (#24), Kansas (#25).

A few observations:

  • A couple of our voters were late getting their polls done, so this is just a reflection of theMonkey and my “internal” ballots.
  • We both wavered on #1 and #2. Should Cal be there? Their victory over Oregon was probably more impressive than LSU leading Tulane 10-9 at halftime, but LSU has firepower that cannot be denied. Luckily, the story continues to unfold this weekend.
  • I’m wondering why neither of us have South Carolina ranked. That is an oversight on my part, for sure. I think they’re going to ruin a lot of fan’s days on Saturday (see below). We’ll correct that oversight if it was, indeed, an oversight.
  • Our ranking of OSU over USC is solely on the fact of our common opponent (Washington) under similar conditions (in Washington) where we dominated the second half and won 33-14 whereas USC was taken down to the wire and won 27-24. Not sure if this lines up exactly with how were “supposed” to rank teams, but we’re homers and we needed an excuse. I’d still prefer to have OSU cruising under the radar at 8 or 9, but sometimes things don’t go according to plans.
  • Ranking USF and Kentucky so high makes me nervous. Both are heading for big disappointment. Kentucky’s could come as early as Saturday.

Any comments or suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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