It’s all their fault

FootballAs I’m watching Tulane hang with LSU (who are 40(!) point favorites), I can’t shake this feeling that it’s all Appalachian State’s fault. Their monumental upset of Michigan in week one has emboldened and energized underdogs across the country. This is college football, not March Madness! The Louisiana States are supposed to crush the Tulanes of the world, not let them lead 9-7! So now, teams like aforementioned LSU, Arkansas and Louisville are reaping the terrible benefits of what App. State hath sown. I don’t see it ending anytime soon now. Sure, LSU will probably go on to win this game, but the damage is done. Tulane believes!

(I will take this opportunity to point out that some teams are able to handle their business against lesser foes.)

So while I could take the easy “Buckeye Fan” road and blame the Wolverines (who are currently losing to Northwestern *snicker*), I’ll take the high road and blame Appalachian State. You know, the team that lost to Wofford. They ruined it for everyone else.

Thanks a lot, Mountaineers.

Update: I love college football!!


  1. Actually, ever since that happened, I thought the effect would be the opposite. Where the favored team now can’t overlook a huge underdog (unless they’re actually better) thus provide for less enormous upsets.

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