Not at home

I’m currently going through all the “Gholston’s” in the phone book, hoping one of them is Vernon’s apartment. What? I just want to congratulate him a “personally”. Nothing weird. His touchdown was a thing of beauty and I want to show him the collage I made of him. And also to propose to him. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’m just a really big fan. What?

Speaking of beauty — did anyone see that Michigan player doing “the worm” at the end of the Penn State game? Does that guy remember HE LOST TO APPALACHIAN STATE?! What an absolutely disgusting disgrace. What a total lack of class. I’d pay a million imaginary Buckeye Bucks to anyone who gets me a link to that video. What a moron.

More to come…


  1. Do you need an intervention?

    You have friends who love you very much, and we’re all concerned about your addiction to Gholston.

  2. Oh… man…

    I was listening to the game, heard that Gholston sacked the QB. I thought… “that’s gotta bring Kaiser to the brink of insanity. Oh, man, with el Kaiser this keyed up… if Gholston gets a TD later… it’s all over.”

    Five minutes later, The Biceps scored a TD, & I knew Kaiser went nuclear. I had to tell the wife not to look at the windows (it’s the flash that kills ya).

  3. posted it in the NW injury post, but this one is far more appropriate.

  4. darren – what are you, his junkie supplier or something?

  5. Buckeye Bucks are not imaginary, I used them at strip clubs all the time.

  6. LOL @you, Lydell. We knew you were a MotSaG reader!

    Do you have my video clip? You’ve got some free time, right?

  7. yes i am.

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