2007 Blogpoll – Week #3


Rank Team Delta
2 Oklahoma
3 Southern Cal
4 Florida
5 West Virginia
6 Ohio State 2
7 Penn State 2
8 Texas 1
9 Wisconsin 3
10 California 2
11 Oregon 8
12 Rutgers 3
13 Alabama 8
14 South Carolina 2
15 Clemson 2
16 Boston College 4
17 Kentucky 9
18 Hawaii 4
19 Texas A&M 5
20 Missouri 6
21 Cincinnati 5
22 Louisville 12
23 Nebraska 10
24 South Florida 2
25 Purdue 1

Dropped Out: UCLA (#11), Arkansas (#14), Georgia Tech (#18), Washington (#23), Virginia Tech (#25).

Let the fact that Miami, Florida State, and Michigan don’t crack our Top 25 but Cincinnati, Kentucky and South Florida do sink in for a while. Mind boggling.

Let it be known that Sylvester-Yon Rambo is a huge Kentucky fan, and his ranking inflated their overall ranking. Beating Louisville was great, but you’ve got to beat someone with a defense before you convince me.

I am, however, convinced that Cincinnati is going to make some noise in the Big East.


  1. I just wanted to point out I only had Kentucky ranked 1 spot higher than 1 of our pollsters and 4 spots higher than another.

    Kentucky has a lot to prove I agree but very few other teams have wins over top 10 teams and that says a lot. Andre Woodson is for real and will shock some teams. The real question is will Kentucky for the first time ever beat all the teams they are suppose to beat and win a few they shouldnt. It is yet to be seen.

    I do admit to be the one who ranked UK first and called them be in the top 25 weeks ago woohoo.

    What is clear to me is we have only 4 teams IMO who are legitamate no 1 teams. it is going to be fun to see who will win out and who will squeak into the NC game.

    It is going to be a good CFB year and we will have ton of surprises.

    I also refuse to rak a team with a loss until there are less than 25 undefeated teams. just my theory lol.

    P.S. I ranked Applachian State this week as well. So my opinion really doesnt matter much lol.

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