Link Round-up – Week #3

Blog/site newsOSU FootballHere are some links and other items of interest:

A couple milestones: Tressel will be going for his 200th career win this Saturday at Washington, while OSU has scored a TD in 127 straight games.

Silver Bullets reborn: Gholston = Vrabel (I’d say Gholston = Spellman, but whatever. Different eras I guess), Laurinaitis = Katzenmoyer (In 33’s dreams) and Jenkins = Springs (Possibly).

“… a defensive tackle in a defensive end’s body.”

Yes, Virginia, there is a Ray Small.

Filling the shoes of a Heisman. Sure, this is unfair to compare Boeckman to Troy, but the torch has been passed and Todd has some big cleats to fill — the cleats of the Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback.

Former OSU Linebacker (and my namesake) Matt Wilhelm called former Florida Gator (Grrrr!) Rex Grossman a mental midget, which of course is an insult to mental little people around the world.

Not OSU related, but still fun: Hart’s guarantee, U-M, Notre Dame are jokes.

This has nothing to do with football, but Greg Oden is having exploratory surgery done. Yikes.


  1. Gholston is a tough one. I don’t know who you would compare him with, he’s more Will Smith than anyone else but that just doesn’t sound as cool and as old school.

    I was always more of a Matt Finkes fan myself.

  2. Yeah, that whole D-line was impressive. Finkes, Fickell — those guys were studs.

  3. speaking of u-m jokes. I heard this today on the colin cowheard show.

    How many batteries does it take to shock a m*ch*gan wolverine?

    one double A… lol ha ha ha

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