Tennis better than the Foosball?

Blog/site newsIf your a good little sports blog reader, then you’re already reading Fire Joe Morgan. If not, you should be. Sure, it’s mostly about baseball and making fun of Joe Morgan, but they chastise any journalist who needs chastisement, baseball or not. It’s one of my favorite sports blogs out there. This past week they recently roasted the weird Page 2 piece by Scoop Jackson listing the 25 reasons Tennis is better than College Football.

They dismantled it with élan. You need to read it.


  1. You are right you need to go to the 25 reasons Tennis is better than College Football, then when you get to the article, skip it and scroll all the way down and see the article they did on eddie george and his wife. I had no clue that Eddie and his wife had a reality show.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    I had never heard of that show, either.

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