That’s some high quality blog-2-oh!

Brian at MGoBlog is to college football blogging as water from a glacier, blessed by an Eskimo medicine man, is to Bobby Boucher.

I meant to link this earlier, but Brain’s Ohio State 2007 Preview is simply top-notch blogging. His whole Big Ten preview has been great but his Ohio State preview shines above the rest. He may rely a little too heavily on recruit rankings for my taste, but it doesn’t detract from the points he makes. Brian is at the top of the analysis game when it comes to college football blogging.

I’m already feeling sorry for him, though, because it is just going to kill him when the Buckeyes ruin Michigan’s season again.


  1. El Caballo de Sangre says

    Too bad the Mountaineers already ruined their season before we had a chance to do it…but I’m sure the loss to us will sting just as bad as ever, or maybe worse?

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