Pardon the mess.

Blog/site newsWe are preparing to roll out a new look for the Men of the Scarlet and Gray website. Since we are WordPress hacks, this is going to be a brute-force, work-in-progress mess. You might have noticed a different look to the site earlier this afternoon as the sportsMonkey and I were tinkering with different WP themes. Now that we’ve settled on one, we’re going to Buck-ize it. Hopefully everything will be running smoothly (and beautifully) soon. I’m also updating a few of the things behind-the-scenes, including how the RSS feed is served. Nothing should change on either end, but just wanted to let you know we’re working to make the MotSaG experience an enjoyable one.

Please let us know what you think, what ways we could improve things, and general praise. Mostly praise, if you don’t mind.

Update (8/16): We’ve just about wrapped up the renovations are the site. We hope you like it. Besides the new look, we’ve added a way to subscribe to comment threads so you can be notified of new comments. We’ve also souped up the RSS feed so we can do fun stuff with that in the future. We’ll probably make a few cosmetic changes to the site here and there, but this is the new, improved look for Men of the Scarlet and Gray.


  1. tOSUBuckeyes says

    Looks great guys – much improved!!!

    Go Bucks! Muck Fichigan and Screw Saban (the Saban thing is a personal matter sorry – but Screw him anyways)

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