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Those were the days (35 days)

The original Kaiser (and the inspiration for my blogging name, natch), Matt “Kaiser” Wilhelm brings you the look of pure joy that comes with being a Buckeye (and with being 35 days away from kick off)

Matt Wilhelm

The countdown is back! (36 days)

And not a day too early. We’re in the thirties!

Chris Spielman

36 days until glory.

45 Days remaining

Archie Griffin

Could it be anyone else, frankly?

Time sink ahead!

It’s bad enough that we’ve been neglecting the blog so horribly this summer but it’s about to get worse. We appreciate all you guys (and gals!) who’ve stuck with us during this “thin” part of the year. But our time is about to become even more scarce, as most of us will be playing a little game on our Xbox 360s. You might have heard of it:

NCAA 2008

If you’ve got an Xbox Live account and want to play, here’s my Gamercard. Add yours in the comments, and we can be friends!

(I should also note that Sylvester-Yon Rambo also has a 360, but I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to leave his gamercard here on the site. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk Zeke and the sportsMonkey into getting 360s as well, and we can form a MotSaG NCAA 08 league.)

Time marches on (46 days)

Yes, we missed days 49, 48, and 47 but the Miniature Buckeyes should cheer you up!

Is there a veterinarian in the house?
(50 days!)

Because Vernon Gholston’s pythons are SICK.

Vernon Gholston

Yeah, I’ve been waiting a long time to use that joke (h/t to Sylvester-Yon Rambo). 50 days to go.

51 days closer

We’re fifty one days closer… than we were before… today. Or something That really doesn’t make sense, does it? Sorry.

Anthony Schlegel

So I chose Anthony Schlegel because if the things we’ve heard about his *ahem* relationship with his wife are true, then #51 deserves our utmost respect and admiration (Zeke knows what I’m talking about).

We “Kne’d” football! (52 days left)

Mike Kne
Today’s countdown is brought to you by MotSaG favorite, Mike Kne.

Seriously, how could you not like this guy?

The countdown continues (53 to go)

Today we’re going old school with the countdown — #53, Randy Gradishar:

Randy Gradishar

Randy played before most of us were twinkles in our daddy’s eyes, but Gradishar was a defensive force for the Buckeyes during the early 70s. (Unfortunately he went on to play in the NFL for the loathsome Denver Broncos, but it was during the pre-Elway years, so we won’t hold that against him.)

Woody Hayes said he was the, “best linebacker he ever coached.” Quite the compliment. The Ohio State end-of-season award for most outstanding linebacker is known as the Randy Gradishar Award.

To read more about Randy, check out his wikipedia entry.

54 more!

Yeah, so we missed 55. Our bad. We’re back with the countdown, though. Here’s Mr. Anderson, #54.

Tim Anderson

You might not know this, but Tim Anderson was a High School Wrestling Champion. What’s that? They mentioned it every time he made a play? Huh. I hadn’t noticed.

Wrestling season is still a long way away. Football isn’t. 54 days to go.