Those were the days (35 days)

The original Kaiser (and the inspiration for my blogging name, natch), Matt “Kaiser” Wilhelm brings you the look of pure joy that comes with being a Buckeye (and with being 35 days away from kick off)

Matt Wilhelm


  1. Sam Turk says

    I can’t wait to see Wilhelm start for the Chargers and kick some ass.

  2. Love your countdown by the way and this is a great blog to. I gotta say though I hate the Matt “Kaiser” Wilhelm nickname. I mean it is a great nickname but it was that Ohio Hating Bret Musburger, who I cannot stand, that “gave” him that nickname. I really cannot confirm if he “gave” him that nickname but he sure did use it alot in his Ohio State comintary. I think it has been the only positive comment that Musburger has ever given an Ohio State athlete.

  3. @Sam – Yeah, nothing is better than seeing Buckeyes kicking butt at the next level.

    @Zach – So Musberger gave him that nick name? The first time I heard it was on the radio from Munch. I’m not a big fan of Munch either, though, I just liked the way it sounds.

  4. So…you just doing the countdown when you know a player for the number? Next up #16 Craig Krenzel? No, you’ll post for #27. (poking fun…don’t get bent.)

  5. @Rick – you’re not half wrong! It’s a combination of having the time and actually knowing someone’s number 🙂

  6. El Kaiser-

    Not really sure if Munch “gave” him the nickname, i just know he used it all the time and it was probably the only positive thing Munch has ever said about any buckeye.

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