Time sink ahead!

It’s bad enough that we’ve been neglecting the blog so horribly this summer but it’s about to get worse. We appreciate all you guys (and gals!) who’ve stuck with us during this “thin” part of the year. But our time is about to become even more scarce, as most of us will be playing a little game on our Xbox 360s. You might have heard of it:

NCAA 2008

If you’ve got an Xbox Live account and want to play, here’s my Gamercard. Add yours in the comments, and we can be friends!

(I should also note that Sylvester-Yon Rambo also has a 360, but I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to leave his gamercard here on the site. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk Zeke and the sportsMonkey into getting 360s as well, and we can form a MotSaG NCAA 08 league.)


  1. I dont know how to do that pretty little picture thingy lol……but ny XBOX gamer tag is TedGinnJr

  2. SYR – there are lots of places to get the code. You can try start at: http://www.mygamercard.net

    They have a bunch of different ones you can try out.

  3. Oh man, if only I felt like shelling out the money for the Gold subscription, I’d be in for sure. I’m sure I’ll be playing this game as well.

    Have fun, MotSaG’ers!

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