Let the countdown begin!

OSU FootballAs you may have noticed, we’ve added the Countdown to Kickoff on the side bar so we can all start counting down the days until that first beautiful day in September when we can bask once again in the glorious light that only college football can provide. The healing can finally begin.

We’re also going to start a little daily post of the countdown. It won’t be as elaborate as the one the guys over a Burnt Orange Nation are doing, but it will be fun nonetheless. That should start up in a day or two.

We also hope to ramp up the content as we begin to look at the 2007 football Buckeyes, similar to what we did last year. New faces and holes to be filled, so we’ll have a lot to talk about.

There’s also that NBA Draft thing going on, so we’ll be following that, wishing well for the former Buckeyes that will be doing their basketball thing at the highest level.

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