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Block O.bmpWith so much focus on the football Buckeyes year round, it’s weird to have a real contender for a basketball team as well. It makes you wonder if there’s room in Columbus for two elite teams (there is). It also makes you wonder what you’d sacrifice for one program to succeed over another. Here are a couple things I thought would be tough choices to make:

Would you give up Ron Lewis’ 3-pointer over Xavier for a victory over Florida in the BCS Championship Game?

Would you give up a 12-0 season for a Final Four spot?

Would you give up a Michigan victory (football) for a basketball National Championship?

Would you give up a chance at a BCS bowl for Oden and Conley to stick around?

(My answers? No, No, Yes, Abso-fricken-lutely)


  1. Yes

    I love OSU basketball, but football is still football. You’d really trade a shot to get the Bucks into the Sweet 16 for another crystal football?

  2. goosemeister says

    heck no (lewis shot over fball title)

    if undefeated season meant playing in nc game, no (final four over 12-0)

    absolutely (bball title over scum victory)

    if not bcs title game, yes; if bcs title game, no (oden/conley over bcs game)

  3. My answers –

    Yes. Losing to Xavier can be forgiven. Lots of 1 seeds lose early, but winning a BCS title is forever.

    No – 12-0 happens to one or two teams a year. Four teams EVERY YEAR make the Final Four (duh)

    HELL no – When I say we can go 1-11 as long as that one is Michigan, I mean it. NOTHING replaces beating Michigan, EVER.

    Yes, I would. Hell, I don’t think we’ll make a BCS Bowl in 07 anyway, and IMAGINE what Conley and Oden can do with Koufos coming in next year……

  4. Yea, I would say I would go with the BBC on every one. The Game has, for a century, never been less important than any basketball game. Even one for a national championship. That said I am fiercely pulling for the roundball Buckeyes this season. and would be painfully disappointed if they came up short. Still, It would not compare to the agony that a Michigan victory would give me, nor the agony BCS game did.

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